Why You Should Not Sleep With These 7 types of men


S??x is a wonderful gift that should be cherished. It shouldn?t be just given to anyone. Ladies, if you want respect, you have to earn it. Here are seven types of men a lady should totally forget about ?hooking up? with.

1.The club flirt: after a couple of drinks, he seems like the perfect guy. The next morning, he is so not what you thought about him the previous night. In case you meet a club flirt, take his number and give it some thought.

2.The office crush: the fact that you spend most of your time with him doesn?t mean you should screw him. Well, you can if you are ready to face awkward moments and destroy a reputation you?ve built. Remember business plus pleasure can be a recipe for disaster.

3.The flake: this is the guy you don?t know whether to call an acquaintance or a friend. He is inconsistent in his communication with you. What makes you pick his calls are the nice conversations, he sticks around for a week and disappears for months. Next time, put his call on voicemail.

4.The awful Ex: There is a thin line between love and hate, and sometimes when you?re still not over your ex, a woman can find herself dancing that line quite often. If he?s no longer worthy of the ?boyfriend? title, than his bedroom privileges should be permanently revoked.

5.The Sexy single friend: oosh! He?s just too hot for you and is there whenever you need him. Do not complicate such a great friendship by putting s??x in the mix.

6.The straggler: he is the last guy in the party looking for a hook up. Please do not be his last resort; you are better than the last choice.

7.The rebound guy: sleeping with him just fill a void in your heart. Sleeping with this guy to get your mind off another is wrong. You will both get hurt in the end.

So keep your legs closed till the Right guy who RESPECTS and LOVES you comes around

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