A wildlife conservation group on Tuesday commended the Zambian government over its decision not to allow mining activities in a national park situated in the northwestern part of the country.

Last week, the government said it will not allow an Australian mining group to commence mining in the Lower Zambezi National Park following protests from activists and conservation groups that it will disturb wildlife and tourism.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Zambia said the government should be commended for taking a stand in the interim not to allow mining in the national park.

Nachilala Nkombo, the organization’s executive director said there was no doubt that the project would have had negative environment impacts.

“WWF would like to reiterate its earlier position that there is need to seriously look into current governance and management flaws in the management of protected areas in Zambia which not only includes wildlife sanctuaries and national parks but also includes other key areas such as forests, rivers an water resources,” she said in a release.

According to her, it was clear that there were lapses in coordination between the process of issuance of mining licenses among government authorities and that the government may continue to issue out licenses in areas that have high ecological sensitivities.

“The Lower Zambezi case provides great lessons to the country on current challenges faced around protected arrears management and lack of coordination amongst key government ministries that play a role in ensuring that these areas are well protected, she added.

She however expressed sadness that a 25-year old mining license issued to the Australian mining firm has not been canceled and urged the government to cancel it. Enditem


  1. It’s not over yet. As you say the Mining license has not been revoked so authorities that they will be applying to for licenses to go ahead need to be pushed and reminded not to give approval. (i.e. ZEMA, Road Development, Energy etc..). Still up to the people to keep the pressure.


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