Alfred Agbesi Woyome
Alfred Agbesi Woyome

Mr Alfred Agbesi Woyome, a self-styled major financier of the NDC political party is known to have defrauded Ghana to the tune of GHC52 Million.

He was known to have been assisted by some NDC government and party members of whom former Deputy Chief of Staff, Alex Segbefia, and former Deputy Attorney General, Barton Odro, played principal collusive roles.
Alfred Agbesi Woyome filed papers in Court claiming damages and compensation against the Government of Ghana for breach of contract. He claimed to have signed a contract with then Kufour NPP-led administration for the refurbishment and construction of a number of stadia in Ghana for CAN 2008.
What is CAN 2008, one may ask? It is the African Cup of Nations Tournament awarded to, and organised by, Ghana, in year 2008.
Alfred claimed just after sourcing money for the execution of the contract, Kufuor NPP-led government abrogated the contract for unspecified reasons.
I do not want to go into the details of the case as everything is already in the public domain. However, I would like to point out and emphasise on the following:
1.???????Woyome has in the end come out to acknowledge on air that he had never personally nor via his agents, signed any contract with the then Kufuor government, regarding the renovation of CAN 2008 stadia.
2.???????The Chief of Staff of NPP during Kufuor administration, Kwame Mpianim and the Sports and Youth Minister, Osarfo Marfo, claim never to know Woyome let alone, signing a contract with him for whatever reason.
With the above two facts among numerous others that can help find Alfred Woyome guilty, the State Attorneys are not prosecuting him as it should. They are colluding to set him free through a default judgment. They are not attending court when the case is due for hearing. They are persistently requesting the adjournment of the case on flimsy excuses.
The judge has on several occasions threatened to take a decision that will shock the entire nation should the Attorney General and the State Attorneys continue to behave irresponsibly collusively as they are doing. They are pushing the judge to declare a verdict of NO CASE in favour of Woyome due to the colluding behaviour of the Attorney General to set him free.
Am I wrong to call all those colluding to set Woyome free damn idiots not worthy to be in positions of influence in Ghana?
Individuals in Ghana have the right to take Woyome to Court for duping Ghana; I have been advised by my Legal brains. As long as the money he has swindled belongs to the taxpayers, any member of the public can squeeze his balls in court over it.
As long as I live, Woyome can never abscond with the money as sought for by him and his accomplices.
What are our Members of Parliament doing about this deliberate attempt by the Attorney General under the influence of the NDC government to set the swindler of the Century, Alfred Agbesi Woyome, free? Are they also supportive of the collusive endeavours to let Woyome off the hook to proceed to enjoy his loot? If they are not, then they should do something before the THIEF OF THE CENTURY escapes abroad with the money.
Source Rockson Adofo


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