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Will true bishops save the papacy?


If Bergoglio fails to abolish the papacy altogether, ten options remain. The spirit and ecclesiastical structure under the rule of Bergoglio’s sect is no longer the Catholic Church and will not guarantee eternal life to anyone. The heresy of modernism coupled with syncretism, and now Bergoglio’s LGBTQ synodal path, have made the Church a stinking cesspool that is repulsive to the world and an embarrassment to Catholics.

The papacy today is under the rule of the spirit of antichrist. But then what is the point of it? It introduces anti-laws and legalizes heresies, while destroying the laws and commandments of God. The Vatican with the spirit of the world is a tool of the world’s elites. This Deep Church is in complete unity with the Deep State, as the former US nuncio Carlo Maria Viganò has so truthfully put it.

The papacy in the future – 10 options

Option No.1:
The newly-elected Pope will be Francis No.2, so the process of decay outlined by Jorge Bergoglio will continue to progress until it engulfs every diocese and every parish.

Option No.2:
If, by some miracle, the Freemasons did not prevent it, and a proven warrior faithful to Christ, namely the former US nuncio Carlo Maria Viganò, were chosen as Pope in the official structure, he would still have the duty to exorcise the spirit that Bergoglio had promoted, which has its roots in Vatican II. But the official structure would rebel against this orthodox Pope. The bishops and cardinals would not listen to him and would continue in the spirit that Bergoglio had implanted in the Church. Probably even the officially elected Pope Viganò would end up like Luciani (John Paul I). However, Pope Sarto (Pius X) would end up in the same way in the current system. They would not allow him to carry out reform.

Option No.3:
If Cardinal Müller was elected, he would not be able to withstand the great pressure. He would probably end up like Benedict XVI.

Option No.4:
Cardinal Sarah for Pope? Even though he signed the dubia, if he now wanted to take certain reform steps, they would not be radical, nor could they be. He would not be able to stop the process of decay that Bergoglio has put the Church in. This system would not allow him true reform, but that reform must come not only from above but also from below, from the very last believer.

As to the age and the method of the papal election, both are not dogma, but merely a matter of the times. The age was limited by Paul VI, and as for the electoral vote of cardinals, it is not necessary in an emergency. At a certain period the Pope was elected only by the Roman clergy and people. If the laws of God are destroyed, human regulations have no justification.

Option No.5:
Cardinal Burke for Pope? Although he signed the dubia and is a proven canon lawyer, even he could do nothing against a system that implements a self-destructive process. He would probably end up like Cardinal Sarah.

None of Bergoglio’s successors in the established system can afford to undo what Bergoglio has illegally enforced. Unfortunately, it has its roots in Vatican II. With an ambiguous vocabulary, the Council opened the door to the heresy of modernism, syncretism with paganism and aggiornamento with the spirit of the world. Moreover, the Vatican, with its structure, is under the rule of the Freemasons. This Deep Church is in unity with the Deep State. Bergoglio’s system will not allow the restoration of orthodoxy or orthopraxy.

Option No.6:
If Auxiliary Bishop Schneider was chosen as Pope, the disintegration of the Church would continue. Although he has identified some of Bergoglio’s heresies, he is promoting the heresy of papolatry. He claims that a pope can commit the gravest crimes or utter the greatest heresies, even the worst blasphemies, and yet we must obey him as pope. The world’s elites would be comfortable with such a candidate. While posing as an orthodox pope, he would not only stabilize the tragic state into which Bergoglio has plunged the Church, but he would also allow a hidden progression of this apostasy.

Option No.7:
If a cardinal or bishop were elected who, after being elected, would be radically converted and attempt to begin the necessary reform, starting by declaring Vatican II heretical, he would end up like John Paul I (Luciani).

Theoretically, let us now for a moment disregard the dogmatic bull Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio, which states that the election of a pope by heretics is invalid – so, even if the contemporary heretics elected an orthodox candidate, e.g. Card. Müller or Card. Woelki, the apostate structure would still not allow the change of spirit and the necessary reform of the Church. The orthodox pope would be bound by the biblical principle concerning the duty of authority to radically oppose idolatry and heresy. The Bible speaks of the punishment for the sin of Jeroboam falling on the responsible authority. Jeroboam erected idols in Bethel. Those who then ruled over the chosen nation, and did not remove this seed-bed of idolatry, were punished by God for the sin of Jeroboam. Even Zimri, who reigned only seven days, was punished for not immediately and radically confronting idolatry.

So, if Card. Müller or another were to assume the office of Vatican Pope, he would have to take the following steps to be spared the punishment for the sin of Jeroboam, i.e. for the heresies of Vatican II perfected by Bergoglio: He would have to immediately declare Vatican II heretical, specifically to abolish the interreligious dialogue and the Assisi model (1986), to abolish the synodal LGBTQ path, to posthumously excommunicate Bergoglio and to condemn his crimes against the Church. Subsequently, he would have to make consistent personnel changes and remove the entire homo-network. To do all this is humanly impossible in the given situation. Therefore, no orthodox candidate can stand in the currently established system in the Vatican.

Option No.8:
The real salvation of the papacy and Catholicism requires that one of the bishops’ conferences, e.g. the Texas Conference of Bishops (TCCB), or at least 2-3 bishops with their dioceses, break away from Bergoglio’s structure and recognize Archbishop Viganò as the true and rightful Pope. This would provide the basis for the restoration of the Church. With this papal authority, the internal and external revival of the Church in the particular territory would begin. It would become a precedent for the whole Catholic Church. The other dioceses could gradually join them. Part of the Catholic structure could be used in this way, including theological and catechetical schools, church buildings and the parish system.

Revival would be associated with the establishment of true discipleship. This presupposes that priests meet in small groups of 4-7 and spend 1.5 days a week in prayer and fellowship. Then they will also be able to have disciples themselves. This revival is also connected with the so-called home church system, the basis of which is family prayer at a fixed time from 8 to 9 pm. Otherwise, even Christian families are in danger of breaking up. Smartphones are replacing virtually all relationships.

True following of Christ is the best preparation for death and God’s judgment. Each of us is only faced with two options: I will either be saved or condemned – both are eternal.

Option No.9:
Transitional dual papacy. The reality is that now the Catholic Church has no Pope because a manifest heretic, excommunicated from the Church, cannot be its head. But he does occupy the office and has already created a system that will not allow a revival of the Church. This system must be abolished! What to do when it is clear that he will not have it abolished voluntarily? The solution is Option 8, an extraordinary election of a pope outside the existing structure, while in the apostate Vatican the papal office will be occupied by an invalid pope. In the future then, as the process of restoring the head and members will take root and spread, the conditions will be created for a valid pope or one of his successors, along with his orthodox structure, to reoccupy the Vatican and bring in a spirit of revival.

Option No.10 – Catacomb Church:
If not even two dioceses break away from the heretical system of Bergoglio’s Vatican, the true Church will entirely become a catacomb Church. Bergoglio’s sect and the system he has established will then see to it that those orthodox bishops who have not taken the chance to separate will be forced by this system to betray Christ and ultimately be stripped of their pastoral authority, because Bergoglio’s synodal path promotes so-called synodal councils that completely strip bishops of their authority.

So, if you, dear true Catholic bishops, separate yourselves from Bergoglio and his sect, you will save yourselves and souls entrusted to you and secure eternal life. If you remain passive, you will be forced into betrayal, you will lose everything, and eventually your soul. In that case, because of your betrayal, many will join the Orthodox or Protestants and others the catacomb Catholic Church. The promise of Jesus is true: “The gates of hell shall not prevail against the Church,” but this will apply to the faithful in the catacombs, not to traitors, cowards and apostates. Those faithful to Christ must be prepared for persecution and martyrdom, but a crown of eternal glory awaits them.

+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr + Timothy OSBMr
Secretary Bishops

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