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Will you be there for Peter Obi?

Peter Obi
Mr. Peter Obi

Fellow comrades and OBIDIENTs, one of those moments we all have been waiting for in making Nigeria a great country is here. The race for Aso Rock has begun. Will you be there for Peter Obi and be part of this history?

In agony, pain, suffering and tears we all have been forced together and are irredeemably united, and as such obliged to play our roles of liberation well.

Peter Obi’s aspiration to become the president of Nigeria has given us hope that a new Nigeria is possible – a Nigeria where ships can no longer enter our territory and steal our crude oil without notice and arrest. And his vision has become a collective project for all youths and frustrated Nigerians. We want a better Nigeria – a Nigeria we all can be very proud of. And we will not have this Nigeria unless we fight for it. The reasons are very simple. Nigeria is like a kidnapped country, and it is in the grips of the kidnappers who are political monsters. We cannot take it back from them without being in unity and formidable enough. Remember that ants are little insects but when they come together they have the capability to devour lions. All hands must be on deck to achieve this uphill task, or we all perish.

Peter Obi has called for your help and no amount will be too small. And also the support groups of Obi are also calling on you. Do not turn your back on us. We need your support to help actualize what God has already ordained that Peter Obi will become the Nigerian President in 2023. God has done His part, the rest is now in our hands. Start from anywhere you know you can without anyone asking you to do so. To be successful in this project we need everyone – billionaires, millionaires, workers, traders and farmers etc.

We want to reach out to the people in interior villages before the election to tell them about Peter Obi, who he is, how and why they should vote for him, but we need campaign materials. Help and donate to make this our collective dreams come true. Many contesting with Peter Obi are financially influential, and they belong to the small group of powerful people that are controlling Nigeria. They are equally ready to do everything in making sure that Obi does not get there. But we know we have the power because we are in majority.

Let us help Obi to Aso Rock so that he will in return help us to have the Nigeria of our dream. Those Nigerians who are living in Diaspora want to go home and feel safe. Those living in Nigeria want to drive on the roads and feel safe, and go to bed with their two eyes closed without fear of attack by robbers, kidnappers or terrorists etc. We all have been forced in this rat race, and we must survive. Peter Obi right now is our only hope of a functional Nigeria.

No matter who you are, I appeal to you and to all members in every group supporting Peter Obi to please get involved, be active and part of this paradigm shift and donate generously. History will be fair to all of us, and in accord we will shock the so-called or acclaimed political Goliaths that we the people are the structures and not buildings. Nigerians are aware, the world knows and heaven has ordained it that Aso Rock is waiting for Peter Obi and Datti Ahmed in 2023. But, let’s do more to get it fulfilled or it will slip out of our hands. But, may God forbid such calamity, and pray He replenishes our pockets and protect us to be alive and witness the swearing-in of Peter Obi and Datti Ahmed on May 29, 2023.

Stand up, sit down, bend right, bend left or even squat, one thing is obvious, the buttock will always remain at the back. Truth has no duplicate. Peter Obi is our wisest choice in 2023. If you are still in doubt, just go to a crowded place in Nigeria and say, “In 2023, don’t sell your vote and vote wisely”. Supporters of the other presidential candidates will attack you. Why? Because they know that only Peter Obi is the wisest choice for Nigeria in 2023 – any other choice is a tragedy in themaking, and everyone will suffer the consequences.

Remember, the choice we made in 2019 is the Nigeria we are seeing today, and the choice we will make in 2023 will be the Nigeria we will get thereafter. History will not forgive anyone who chooses darkness against light. Be wise, because evil has no friend.

Thank you, and please go and collect your PVC and spread this message.

Uzoma Ahamefule, a concerned patriotic citizen, a purveyor of Peter Obi/Datti Ahmed joint presidential ticket and a refined African traditionalist, writes from Vienna, Austria.


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