Dr. Kwabena Adjei - NDC Chairman

Dr. Kwabena Adjei ? NDC Chairman

Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Kwabena Adjei has called on the political class and political parties to unite in eliminating the culture of ?winner takes all? in Ghanaian politics.

??Let?s work towards the definition and the pursuance of the national interest, let us also work towards the win-win situation in any electoral event. I think that something that makes us insecure is the fact that, usually the winner takes it all; from now don?t let the winner take it all, let us share, this country belongs to all of us,?? he said.

Speaking at a flag raising ceremony to mark the 21st anniversary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), the NDC National Chairman said whichever way the Supreme Court verdict goes is immaterial, since political parties go into opposition or government from time to time.

?I have given promise that we unite to make sure that peace prevails, wherever the verdict goes is immaterial.?

According to him it is incumbent on political parties to change the political landscape such that?the electorate cannot blackmail us[political parties] anymore, such that the media cannot hit our heads together any more, such that the NGOs will not simply conduct some surveys and call us corrupt when we are not. Usually, people who attribute corruption to others are more corrupt than the people they attributing the corruption to.?

Touching on the impending Supreme Court verdict on the election petition, Mr Kwabena Adjei said all political parties can do for Ghana is to leave a legacy [of peace]. ?I know that for us in the leadership, for us alone there will be no problem, the problem comes from our followers because our followers think that they have something more to gain by our being in government and sometimes completely oblivious of the consequences.



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