Wisdom of Daddy Freeze: Pastor Adeboye and RCCG Should Provide Nigeria Uninterrupted Electricity

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Redeem Church and their lead Pastor, Adeboye should provide electricity to Nigeria, because they collect tithes and offering in their Church.

The Church should also give transformers, give pre-paid meters, deploy large scale alternative energy, fix poles, extend power lines and reduce the preposterous bills, handed by PHCN to postpaid meter customers – every month.

While at it, they should rid Nigeria of poverty, give loans without collateral and turn Church branches into factories producing what nobody has found a market for. They should also stop fuel scarcity before it starts. They should fix the four NNPC refineries and build presidential hospitals. The Church should pass the Petroleum Industry Bill. They should give free scholarships to all the students in Nigeria and also do all the responsibilities of all state governments. Only then, would Daddy Freeze and his platoon be excited about what the Church is doing, because these are, to them, why the Church was formed.

Hating this Church, their Pastor, and some others in Nigeria is what many have come to define as wisdom, after the overstated controversy about tithes. Now, whatever that Pastor says to Church individuals are subject to social media scorn and Daddy Freeze appears excited he’s taking on the Pastor.

Assuming Daddy Freeze is a reasonable person, there are questions he should have been asked, when does this end? And how does this help Nigeria? His answers would have been expected to outline milestones and areas of national benefit. But, ahem, sorry!

He loves to say he wants to free people, OK, but from what exactly?

Going to Church is almost as optional as going to any particular country. There are people in this world who will never visit Nigeria for any reason. There are also people in Nigeria who will never go to certain countries for any reason.

If you don’t like it, avoid it – simple. You may have issues with their security, corruption, supremacy of the law level, human rights, economy, etc., you can advise people, provide balanced points but ultimately each individual to their own decision, you have said your own, let go.

But NO, for Daddy Freeze, attacking the Church viciously and incessantly is his call; making one think there maybe something else to this. Not like anyone is physically forced to Church or physically forced to give. No matter what anybody says about tithes or offerings, it is your money under your control, you could decline giving, no big deal, so how come there is this freedom, then someone somewhere claims he want to free people?

In the heat of anything Daddy Freeze says, he may seem right, but just ten seconds of giving it a thought, the foolishness in what he just said would volley.

If you removed Churches from whatever he mentions just to have a balanced debate, you would understand there is so much he blindsided his varlets on, because he hates the Church.

If he says Churches are everywhere, look around and see other organizations, religious or non-religious, everywhere as well. If he says Churches should set an example; others too can set an example. If he says foreigners introduced Christianity, OK, may be Nigeria made mobile phones.

There is no true Church in Nigeria not into some form of welfare. Maybe it is not brandished or does not make the news; they are doing stuff.

Still, Daddy Freeze attacks the Church on social media, seeking lieutenants for an issue not of national development interest.

If anyone goes to a Church program on a Monday morning, it is the business of that person, if you feel bad for them, you should feel bad for yourself first for not having much doing, giving other people’s personal decision a second thought.

Tithes or messages or doctrines are the business of those who belong in that Church. Talking about them does not help Nigeria or make any marked difference for the nation. The debates and arguments are worse than Lagos wastes. The problems of Nigeria are so much, if everyone in Nigeria started working on development, it would take years as a nation to get there.

But, instead of, at least, realistic and development thoughtfulness, intellectual and physical energy are displaced, misplaced and mistaken.

It is not the responsibility of RCCG Church to provide electricity, or other development to Nigeria.

In Nigeria, there are several worst cases – businesses or individuals – in any situation or sector. For example, among banks, cellular networks, oil companies, state governments, governors, senators, commissioners, reps, presidents, roads, police, neighbourhoods, in-laws, friends, family, actors, comedians, musicians, universities, cinemas, radio stations, blogs, journalists, radio presenters, etc., worst cases are abundant. Many of them perennially vie for the worst, yet they lose, because it is unbelievably competitive.

In Christianity, and among true Pastors, Redeem Church and their Pastor are not on the worst case list. They are not a barrier to anything good in Nigeria, except – obviously – a problem to those who hate them.

Nigeria is a major case study of rapid multiplication. Few leaders and public figures do their best to produce better people; others do their best to produce the worst. When fraud began simmering circa 1980s, the youths of the time did not know the internet was coming, and that the foundation they have built would someday be taken to any length. When government at every level embraced unsympathetic corruption and plausible deniability, they did not know it would become the culture, no matter how small or big any group is. When some entertainers started saying rubbish with beats – as songs, they did not understand that a time will come that many of the hit songs in Nigeria will become unintelligible. When people, because of [financial or cogitative] poverty, thought that showing off wealth, or some really stupid opinions, as a way to feel better than others was great, they did not know that others will find money, or topics, by any means, then go around, flaunting it and producing more dumber people with a very low destination as definition for success.

Daddy Freeze is Nigeria’s number one opinion misleader. He only attacks whatever is trending, with some eerily shameless wisdom, so he could trend. Following some of his followers is even scarier than the misleader; their take on issues belies what is expected of smart people in a nation rowing in underdevelopment.

There is also a chance that because of the hardship in Nigeria, Daddy Freeze is hustling, using the Church for fame to make extra money outside his salary work of more than fifteen years.

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