Twenty-three women organisations yesterday condemned the brutal attack on former Lubaga North MP Susan Nampijja reportedly by her ex-lover and called for speedy investigations into the matter.

The activists under their umbrella organisation, the Domestic Violence Act Coalition, noted that whereas they pushed for the passing of the Domestic Violence Act last year, it has not been operationalised yet acts of violence against women are on the rise.

Addressing journalists at their headquarters in Kamwokya, the activists headed by the Centre for Domestic Violence Prevention (CEDOVIP) pointed out various acts of violence that have occurred in various parts of the country and called for action.

“Nampijja was allegedly hacked on the head by her ex-boyfriend at her home in Kitebi Zone over the weekend. Another case is that of the woman in Komamboga whose ex-husband tried to kill her by setting the house on fire and another man who hacked his wife to death. These are just a few cases of the many that go unreported and lack of justice culminates in impunity,” said the CEDOVIP Executive Director, Ms Tina Musuya.

Beyond civil societies
She added: “This intolerable situation continues despite the fact that the Domestic Violence Act came into force on April 19, 2011. Communities and civil societies have done commendable work but the magnitude of domestic violence surpasses their limited means and mandate.”

Ms Nampijja was last weekend allegedly attacked at her home and hacked on the head. Police said her lover is the prime suspect. She had earlier complained to police about the behaviour of her ex-lover.

Ms Musuya, however, said the attack would have been prevented had the police acted swiftly and granted Ms Nampijja enough security. The director of Centre for Justice and Women Affairs, Ms Roseline Nsenge, also a member of Federation of Women Lawyers (Fida), told journalists that violence against women is on the rise and asked women to report such cases to police.

Ms Nsenge said the elite class is now getting more involved in violent acts that need to be fought.

By Mercy Nalugo, Daily Monitor



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