More Women Boosting Confidence With Lav Feminine Hygiene Wash

More women, especially ladies between the ages of 18 to 48 have resort to the use of LAV?Feminine Hygiene?Wash to protect themselves against yeast infections and to give the much confident in the s*x and love lives. They are also boosting their confidence using the product as it helps?loose and sagging vagina and prevent unhealthy?odour. can say that since the introduction of the product into the Ghanaian markets, it has gained huge patronage. the product even though was first introduced in Ghana, producers have been working around the clock to enter into other markets across Africa.

Currently, they are able to penetrate Nigeria and plans are far advanced to ensure that ladies across Africa are not left out in the benefits of Lav?Feminine Hygiene Wash.

The product has gained such patronage due to its ability to transform ladies.

About Lav?Feminine Hygiene Wash :

?LAV?Feminine Hygiene?Wash?has Natural Ingredients that have been proved by several Health Authorizing Bodies to take care of Yeast Infection and cause the vaginal muscles to contract. LAV has also been proven to increase sensitivity in the woman leading to better sex and powerful orgasms while it brings back vagina suppleness.

LAV Serum is an extract from unique blend of herbs, extremely safe for clearing vagina inflammations or swellings & Irritations.. It stops vagina drying even as it contracts the vaginal walls. Gets rid?of itches & scratches as well as Swellings.??LAV? anti-microbial function gets rid of bad odor. The Herbal liquid Restores the natural GOD given feminine juices and flora making the Lady more appealing to her partner.

?LAV? prevents loose and sagging vagina walls and improves the grip vagina has with the male organ.
LAV Feminine Hygiene Wash fights vaginal dryness preventing yeast infections and enhances sexual pleasure and boosts the overall vaginal health; by acting as a?natural lubricant.

?LAV? herbal Liquid strengths pelvic cavity muscles in the pelvic floor, particularly in the female genital. It contracts the vagina comfortably, getting the lady to experience more sexual pleasures and orgasm.

LAV? is a natural Astrigent with Anti-Oxidants,?Calcium,?Vitamins and Iron.

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