Charity organization Oxfam said on Tuesday that female farmers are not getting enough funding to adapt to climate change.

Rashmi Mistry, head of Oxfam’s Grow campaign, said so when addressing to the African Parliamentary Pre-COP 23 Preparatory workshop with Pan African Climate Justice Alliance.

The finding was made after analyzing agricultural policies and public investments in Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines and Tanzania, Oxfam said.

“Climate change is not some far-off threat. It’s here now and putting lives in danger. Governments are breaking their promises to give more resources to farmers,” said Mistry.

“Women on the front lines of climate change can’t continue to struggle on while waiting for money to trickle down to them. Investing directly in women farmers not only helps them and their families, it bolsters the food security for entire communities,” said Mistry.

Oxfam said it is difficult to know how much money reached women, particularity those threatened with climate change.

Oxfam called on Africans to honor the Maputo Declaration signed by African countries in 2014 in which they committed that 10 percent of their spending will be channelled to agriculture development.

Mistry also called on developing countries to increase funding specifically for women farmer, saying the current discriminatory policies mean that women farmers produce about 20 to 30 percent less than men. Enditem

Source: Xinhua/



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