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WOoo And They Quickly Jumped To The Defence Of Chris Brown


Chris Brown

Chris Brown

I saw it coming?I knew the organizers would attempt to defend and somehow justify what Chris Brown did in Ghana by calling it an act or stating that, what he held on stage was not weed.

In an attempt to address what has become the talk of the town,  the Executive Director of Charter House, Theresa Ayowade speaking on the Citi Breakfast Show  today has denied the allegations and described the purported action as ?an act from a song.?

?Chris Brown did a series of acts on stage and this act in question which you are talking about is an act from a song; an act about a dual personality; should I do this or should I not? He did not smoke weed on stage. It was a cigar that he did a demo with? she said.


As I stated in my previous article this morning;  ?if it is claimed by the organizers (which I know they will put up the argument) the substance was not weed, the fact that he rallied others to go out there to smoke an illegal substance and demonstrated on stage as smoking such a substance in itself is a prosecutable offense?.

How do they justify his words too? We all don?t understand plain English right? When things go wrong, apologising to those offended works and not such absurd justifications?

If you cannot find any sense in the whole Chris Brown incidence, you are not alone. Renowned Ghanaian satirist, Kweku Sintim Misa (KSM) has opined that if Ghana has ?any money, we should invest that in promoting local talent?.

According to KSM, ?[Ghana] is now entering into a global world, and we should start positioning our artists to go globally. I would like to see somebody book Sarkodie to go to New York to perform and pay him that much money and not going to New York to perform for the Ghanaians but going to Britain or UK to perform for the wider international community.?

KSM believes that if a poll was to be conducted in Ghana between Sarkordie and Chris Brown, the former ?would win hands down so if we have somebody that is that popular in Ghana and Ghanaian, why can?t we invest in that talent, push him even bigger so that he can also compete on the global platform.?

He also admonished Ghanaians not to misrepresent the debate on the issue as ?an attack on rLG; that will be very, very unfair for some of us who are raising concerns. This is not an attack on rLG or for that matter, the sponsors of the programme.?

We?ve intentionally failed to post the video of Chris Brown?s actions and words because we find it wrong to give his actions any further audience. If you are interested in watching it, just search for it on youtube.

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