World Bank and Solidaridad Launch US$4M Project in Ghana

World Bank
World Bank

In a groundbreaking collaboration, the World Bank and Solidaridad West Africa (SWA) have launched a pioneering initiative in Ghana aimed at fostering social inclusion within the Cocoa Forest REDD+ Program (GCRP).

Supported by a $4 million grant from the World Bank’s Enhancing Access to Benefits while Lowering Emissions (EnABLE) Trust Fund, this project seeks to ensure fair distribution of benefits derived from carbon credits.

Targeting 20,000 farmers across 100 communities, particularly focusing on marginalized groups such as women, youth, migrant farmers, and persons with disabilities, the initiative aims to empower these communities to actively participate in climate action. By enhancing their capacity through specialized training, the project aims to demystify emissions reduction processes and promote understanding of climate policies among local farmers and leaders.

A key component of the project is its support for climate-resilient livelihoods, particularly emphasizing the adoption of climate-smart agricultural practices. This includes providing seed grants and technical assistance to enhance both environmental sustainability and economic resilience within local cocoa-producing regions.

Ensuring secure land rights for women, as stipulated under Ghana’s progressive Land Act, is another critical aspect of the initiative. This legal empowerment is crucial in promoting gender equality and enabling women to benefit equitably from carbon credits generated through their conservation efforts.

Implemented in collaboration with Ghana’s Forestry Commission and Cocoa Board, alongside SWA and Tropenbos Ghana, the project aligns with national strategies for sustainable development and forest conservation. It aims to amplify community involvement in sustainable practices while supporting Ghana’s leadership in implementing jurisdictional REDD+ programs.

Mr. Robert R. Taliercio, World Bank Country Director for Ghana, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, emphasized the project’s significance in amplifying the voices of marginalized groups within Ghana’s climate discourse. He highlighted the strategic partnership with SWA, renowned for its grassroots connections and expertise, in ensuring equitable distribution of emissions reduction benefits across Ghana’s vital cocoa landscapes.

This initiative not only underscores the critical role of partnerships in achieving sustainable development goals but also sets a precedent for inclusive climate finance initiatives globally. By empowering local stakeholders with knowledge, resources, and fair benefits, the project aims to advance environmental sustainability, economic growth, and social resilience in Ghana.

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