World Cup: “I prefer not to have sex on game days” – Cris Galera

Influencer Cris Galera
Influencer Cris Galera

Influencer Cris Galera loves football, and this time she took advantage of the World Cup celebrations and the fans for Brazil to spice up their relationship. She created a “sex table” based on the most talked about disputes of the last few weeks. 

“I love the festive atmosphere at the World Cups, and in the World Cups, I always cheer for Brazil. This time I just wanted to combine the useful with the pleasant. Fans and pleasure go hand in hand”, declares Galera. She adds: “The whole world vibrates, but the party around here is different.” 

However, just as athletes choose not to have sex before the match, the influencer also decides to take advantage of the pre-match moment to rest. “I prefer not to have sex on the days of our selection’s games,” he declares. According to her, if some players follow this to the letter, she will not be the one to disagree. 

Asked about what her partner thought of the news, she replied that she received the most excellent support and that he usually shows more happiness than she does. “The competition is almost the same as on the field. The goal is to win the coveted cup”, he adds. 

Cris Galera points out that his idea will become a superstition for the next World Cup because the results have had a significant effect. “In the first two games in Brazil, I fulfilled the schedule perfectly, and we won. Then, however, I surrendered in the last one and left it to be desired. What happened? We lost. I will not make the same mistake in the future”, concludes the influencer.

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