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The name behind E-reader technology here in Ghana and beyond the shores of Africa, is outdooring its newest application to the general public; Worldreader Mobile.

With Worldreader Mobile, one can have access to over 2,400 free books of varying languages, genres, and levels to meet the interest of readers; hence readers have the opportunity and pleasure of choosing from the best seller books to the subject books, romance and entertainment to religious books.

In order not to leave anyone out, Worldreader in collaboration with Sesame street, Smart4kids, Budding Reader and other partners of like minds, are in the process exploiting various opportunities to meet the reading needs of early childhood education, which is aimed at encouraging and developing reading habits at a very early and tender age.

The mission of Worldreader to promote literacy by increasing access to books digitally, has been embraced by the Government of Ghana, the Ghana Education Service (GES), WorldVision and backboned by almost all the Ghanaian publisher?s, likewise international publisher?s.

The IREAD 2 project, of Worldreader which is funded by an All children Reading grant from USAID, WorldVision and AUSAid, in its mid-term evaluation carried out in July 2013, has revealed significant improvement in reading levels, just after five (5) months of program introduction. Taking the project on its path to reaching its goal of reading more and early reading digitally.

Worldreader has recorded tremendous improvement in the use of the English language by its students, recording almost 50% increase in both written and speaking of the English language.

Revealing some of the success stories enjoyed by Worldreader, president and co- founder, David Risher in an interview with this reporter said, ? Worldreader students are reading fluently now, by using the E-reader, which is a huge success in terms of impact. The children too are now passionate about reading. On average, they read about 30-40 books a year, then they begin to ask if they can have more to read, which is very impressing?.

The founders of Worldreader, not to restrict these success stories only in the classrooms, have decided to take it to the streets, so people anywhere can have access to a reading material, in the introduction of Worldreader Mobile.

Worldreader in partnership with biNU, has developed a technological tool, which gives people the opportunity to access books, using mobile connectivity. The applications is optimizes for inexpensive mobile phones, basically any feature phone with java, as well as android is good download the Worldreader Mobile App.

This is to make reading materials accessible to all, therefore people living in deprived communities, who do not have access to well stocked library, can now use their mobile phones to serve same purpose; its simple and very easy.

You can log on to http//, to download the Worldreader Mobile App and enjoy reading your favourite books for free.

Source: Ophelia Allotey


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