…to promote Ghana as a study destination within Africa and beyond.

Study in Ghana is coalition of institutions in Ghana powered by Findadmission.com with the aim to promote Ghana as a study destination and that aims to completely change the education scene in West Africa region.

The goal is to attract and enrol full degree students from Africa, study abroad from EU/ Asia, America in the Ghana higher education. The launching which was held at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel in Accra on Friday 21st February 2020 saw a huge attendance from both public and private higher institution in Ghana.

The Ghana Minister of Education found the initiative very welcoming as it fits into the current government initiatives which was to promote Ghana around the world and encourage investment into the country. According to the Minister, Hon. Matthew Opoku Prempeh, Ghana is now open to attract foreign students and to keep improving the quality of education in the continent.

According to the Founder of Findadmission.com and the CEO of Worldview, Folabi Obembe, ‘I have always being critical of the phrase ‘brain drain in Africa’ because I believes that mobility enriches teaching and learning.

His only concern was the fact that the mobility of students in Africa is always one way i.e. students trooping out to the West to study with no opposite stream of students coming to Africa to study. This is why we decided to embark on a journey to promote countries in Africa as a study destination and to encourage a more organised migration of students in the continent.

‘It is time to let the world know that Africa being recorded as the birth site of civilisation is not a myth. We are leaders and fore thinkers; there is no other country that deserves the honour of opening the world to African Education System on a large scale than the first African Nation to gain independence from the Colonial Masters’. We started these movement in Ghana because we believe that Ghana has all it requires to take the lead in marketing its education sector within Africa and around the world, said Folabi.

Study in Ghana was developed to help students find their way into the Ghana higher education. The aim is to help international students with their application process and answer all questions they might have about living and studying in Ghana. Through the service provided as a result of the Study in Ghana brand, students can enroll in full degree programs, participate in summer schools and exchange programs provided by Ghanaian universities.

In close cooperation with member institutions in Ghana, Worldview would use its global student recruitment platform (www.findadmission.com) and years of experience in International education marketing to make the application procedures easier and more efficient for both students and the universities. ‘Study in Ghana is here to support student mobility within Africa; present Africa

institutions to the rest of the world, make quality education more accessible, and to increase general knowledge about Ghana worldwide’, said Folabi Obembe.

Study in Ghana is ideal for students interested in summer school, study abroad programs or pursuing a full undergraduate or master’s degree in Ghana. We make the necessary information readily available, connect students and institutions, and we constantly work on making the application procedures as simple and smooth as possible.



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