The worldwide March Against Monsanto campaign has received massive international support following the announcement of its official launch dunnamed (5)ate of May 23rd, in which hundreds of thousands will take to the streets in peaceful protest against the Monsanto Company.
With the latest attendance records expected to shatter previous numbers, thousands of grassroots supporters have already launched local events in cities that range from Bordeaux, France to G?teborg, Sweden. In each city, March Against Monsanto will feature different prominent speakers, including former presidential candidates and health icons.

Spanning 6 continents, 48 countries, and 421 cities, March Against Monsanto 2015 has generated mass awareness and interest as world regulatory organizations openly declare Monsanto?s glyphosate-containing Roundup herbicide to be a serious threat to health. The leading authority on human wellness protocols, The World Health Organization, has already determined Monsanto?s Roundup to be a ?probable carcinogen? within the food supply.

The announcements have led to initiatives like The Women?s and Children?s Bill of Rights to Ban Glyphosate, which would protect highly susceptible groups from toxic glyphosate exposure if signed into law in October. Glyphosate has been detected in groundwater supplies as well as 60-100% of rainwater collection samples in various parts of the world, inciting concerns of mass pollution on a global scale.

On May 23rd, a wide range of health experts, doctors, and researchers will attend and speak at March Against Monsanto events across the world.

In New York City, GMO expert and Institute for Responsible Technology head Jeffrey Smith will speak on the dangers of GMOs and the way in which we can avoid them. Austin, Texas-based Anthony Gucciardi, natural health speaker and author, will highlight the ways in which GMO labeling can become a reality. Dr. Joseph Mercola will share new information on Monsanto and non-GMO initiatives to the crowd in Ormond Beach, Florida. In Salt Lake City, former presidential candidate Rocky Anderson will offer his take on the politics behind Monsanto and GMOs at large, as teen activist Rachel Parent speaks to a crowd in Toronto.

March Against Monsanto protests will begin May 23rd with extensive physical protests and related online coverage throughout the day on news media platforms as well as

For more information on the 2015 March Against Monsanto, and to start a march in your area, visit or contact the event coordinator via email at [email protected]

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