Woshishije CEO calls for Promotion of Traditional Music for National Development

Woshishije Ceo
Woshishije Ceo

The leader and CEO of Ghana’s Cultural Group Woshishije, Mr. Bright Mensah has called for the massive promotion of Ghanaian traditional music and dance to help sustain our cultural heritage for national development.

The CEO called for the pursuit and promotion of traditional music and arts in all forms, for national development as traditional cultural music and dance do not only entertain, but also educate and inform people into activities that promote both community and national development.

The CEO made the call after the group’s mouthwatering traditional dance performances including Kpanlogo, Agbadza, Adowa, Baawa at the 2017 Ghana Dance Festival in Accra.

He opined that traditional music and dance formed a significant fulcrum of Ghana’s culture, and the government, among other music stakeholders had to preserve it for future generations. “We ought to pay massive attention to traditional music because it is the cornerstone of our ancestral heritage. Artistes who pursue indigenous music/dance ought to be encouraged because most of us don’t do this for fame but for the love of our country and culture.

“I always feel a high level of excitement when I perform for audiences, especially for westerners, who seem to have a better appreciation for our traditional music/dance than the youth of today.

“I believe that our rich traditions and culture make us unique and different from other African countries, and we must safeguard it for future generations.

“The future of traditional music looks very promising, because most of my colleagues often get invited to showcase authentic traditional drumming and dancing at festivals all over the world, and this should tell you how much our culture is being appreciated,” he said.

He added that it would be wonderful if the Ghanaian government could create an outreach programme that aims to re-educate the youth on the importance of cultural preservation, and re-energising the youth to take an interest in our traditional music and dance.

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