In defence to the unwillingness of former Ministers to appear before the Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO) for questing in relation to the probe into the Woyome debt, the National Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Jake Obestebie Lamptey, said the party finds the investigation by the EOCO as rather unlawful and as such its members will not be part if the process.
He said by the constitution, the nature of the discovery of the payment to Alfred Woyome – which was through a report by the Auditor General’s Department to parliament – meant that it is only Parliament that could investigate the matter in a multi-party and transparent fashion.
“The constitution of this country is very plain on it. When a matter is presented to Parliament in the Auditor General’s report, it is only parliament that can investigate that matter. So once it was there the first thing that we did when we saw it was that, this thing must be investigated and it must be investigated in broad day light by a nonpartisan body …and the great thing about it being a parliamentary enquiry is that we now have a situation where the public accounts committee’s sittings are telecast to the whole nation and broadcast live. So everything that goes on there can be seen by the whole country.”
Mr Jake Obestebie Lamptey was speaking on a variety of issues this morning, in a radio interview in Accra.
He said the decision by President Mills to use the EOCO was wrong. The government’s position that the EOCO is to find out who caused the judgement debt and that there is no interest in the recipient of the of the debt(s) in other to avoid embarrassing them, is in a way an attempt to point accusing fingers at the NPP, Mr Obestebie Lamptey lamented.
“…and also immediately you put it into EOCO, you have no control over EOCO, they can turn round and after a year tell you that the matter is still under investigation, then the matter remains hidden. The media has moved on to something else, nobody is interested in it. It’s gone away like so many other things. So we said no …the constitution said we must make ourselves available for a parliamentary inquiry; we will do that, he added.”
“We don’t think it is legal for the EOCO to investigate this matter coming out of the parliament of Ghana. The constitution said that it is parliament that must investigate it, so let’s go to parliament and let parliament do their investigation.”
He said the NPP in principle welcomes an investigation into the matter because a serious crime has been committed and it is important to expose the doers of the crime completely in the open, not a smock scene investigation like that of the EOCO.
“We do not believe we are wrong because how an individual who had no contract, who did no work, could be paid all this money by the Ghana government,” he stressed.


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