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Woyome’s Two Per Cent Financial Engineering Fees Not In Doubt
How damaging is this Ghanaian attitude? In the heat of an occurrence or an event of any sort, especially when it affects people badly, Ghanaians in their majority start wagging their tongues. People remonstrate bitterly against the occurrence. After a few days or months, when the whirlwind has settled, you hardly hear the mention of the occurrence or the incident.
wpid-alfred-woyome.jpgThis deplorable attitude of Ghanaians has given cause to people like Alfred Agbesi Woyome mustering courage to defraud Ghana to the tune of over GHC52 Million, with impunity. As the whirlwind has settled down on his unprecedented fraudulence in the annals of Ghana?s criminal records, taken away the heat from his back and the anger from the hearts of people, he is sitting in the comfort of his villa enjoying his loot in peace.
I can partly blame the Ghana media for letting Woyome off the hook. They have gone silent on his case for no apparent reason. If they had vigorously kept it in the limelight until today, Woyome and his accomplices would have been compelled by public pressure to refund the money he so fraudulently acquired from the State.
The Media may think the case is in Court and any further public discussion of it in the newsprint amounts to “Contempt of Court”. Yes, it may be. However, if the courts are detected to be knowingly conniving with the fraudster to set him free, do we continue to keep our silence for such a daylight robbery to happen? I will not keep my mouth shut. I will keep on reminding Ghanaians of the incident and the need to ensure he refunds the money to where he stole it from.
It is evident the Attorney General is never ready to prosecute Woyome as it should to retrieve the money to the State. This is all because the NDC government of which Woyome claims to be a major self-styled financier, has its long dirty hand involved pulling the strings remotely manipulatively. Do we still keep quiet knowing what is going on behind the scenes? I will say, NO!
To me, the whirlwind on Woyome?s case will never settle down until he refunds the money he dubiously obtained from Ghana. He had never signed any contract with the Kufuor-led NPP government to rehabilitate CAN 2008 stadia, he has said it himself. How then could he sue the government for damages and compensation for a breach of contract where no contract exists? This could only be possible under the rogue and corrupt NDC administration where selective justice is their benchmark.
I shall never rest until Alfred Agbesi Woyome the Fraudster returns the stolen money to the State. In Ghana people are known to be sentenced to many years in jail for stealing a cat, a fowl, a goat, a sheep or farm produce. Here we have Woyome stolen GHC52 Million that can purchase billions of cats, fowls, sheep or goats but he is still walking a free man on the streets of Ghana. What a miscarriage of justice?
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