The Volta Youth Action Group has condemned the arrest of Mr Alfred Agbesi Woyome , a patriot and hero of the Volta region and accuse President Mills and others in the NDC of using Alfred Agbesi  Woyome  for tribal politics. We believe Alfred Woyome has been sacrificed because he is Ewe and that President Mills is protecting his Fante and Akan allies in his government to win just to win elections.

We in the Volta Youth Action Group remind President Mills that Alfred Woyome and the Volta Region,the NDC world Bank for that matter raised huge sums of money when he had been abandoned by fair-weather friends to support his campaign to be President. Alfred Woyome mobilised public opinion in the volta region and especially supplied logistics for campaigns in the North and Brong Ahafo Region .Has President Mills forgotten the hospital bills Togbe Woyome paid including tickets he bought for him for trips abroad?

Human beings really have short memories!

If President Mills is not prepared to arrest those NPP members who caused this mess and cannot defend an innocent man like Alfred Woyome who deserves this judgement debt and more, then we shall also not campaign and vote for him period! Why is he leading the NDC then if he cannot stand up for the members?

We also call for Alfred Woyome to be released and all monies due him to be paid immediately. The man deserves every pesewa and has to be paid.

We call for him to be re-instated on all boards he was appointed on.


President Mills must remember his friends if he wants to survive in politics.


Thank You


Gideon Lawreh

Prince Djokoto(Agosu)

Agbenuvi Mensah

Battor V/R

Source-Volta Youth Action Group



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