Chinese agrochemical giants Wynca has captured at least a 40 percent share of the market in Ghana after three years of operation in the country, the company’s Ghanaian subsidiary said on Monday. Whether China, the US or the EU is the world's biggest trader depends on precisely how you add up the figures
Business in Ghana has been flourishing since the manufacturing plant started operation in 2012 because of the high quality of the company’s products, said Li Chaodong, president of Wynca-Sunshine.

Speaking during a celebration of the 55th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Ghana, Li said the company established its foothold in Ghana and West Africa by acquiring majority stakes in a local chemicals distributor Sunshine to form the Ghanaian subsidiary Wynca-Sunshine.
“The total investment here is 40 million dollars and the cost of operations including workers salaries, annually is around two million dollars. We can spend about 3.5 million dollars annually,” he told Xinhua in a separate interview.
The plant produces 1,000 kilo liters of herbicides monthly and 117,000 knapsack sprayers in a year using recycled materials. In 2014 alone the company made a sale of over 50 million dollars in the Ghanaian and West African market.
Another company, China Geo Engineering Corporation (CGEC) said it wants to help transform Ghana’s second largest city Kumasi into the country’s most beautiful city as it is constructing a Clover- Leaf shaped interchange at suburb of the inland city.
The project, with an estimated cost of 150 million U.S dollars, is fully funded by the government of Ghana. It includes the reconstruction of the 11 kilometer Sunyani road in Kunasi, with two interchanges with the contract awarded in 2007.
Out of about 110 million dollars worth of work done so far, government has paid about 90 million dollars, leaving about 20 million dollars to be cleared. Yang said the contract could be completed in 18 months if government was able to release their payments.
CGCC employed 400 Ghanaians at the peak of the project, with 40 Chinese to guide them, giving them skills with which they can work after the project.
A three-day Chinese film festival was also held at the Silverbird Cinemas in Accra as part of the celebration.
Over 300 people attended the first day of screening which also attracted state officials, lecturers, students and business executives.
Chinese ambassador to Ghana Sun Baohong said China and Ghana have in recent years conducted effective cooperation on culture and people to people exchanges.
She said Ghanaians are showing ever-growing enthusiasm in learning the Chinese language and in getting attractive to Chinese culture.
“Both of our two governments will continue our efforts in setting up more platforms to strengthen the bonds of the people so that China-Ghana friendship will be carried forward from generation to generation,” she told the packed cinema hall.
The opening film screened was the ‘Monkey King’ which is derived from ‘Journey to the West’, one of the four great classical novels of Chinese literature, which is also very popular among Ghanaians.
Other movies to be screened for free to the public include Mulan, The Grandmaster, The Flowers of War, Painted Skin: The Resurrection, Confucius, Chinese Zodiac as well as Phurbu and Tenzin. Enditem



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