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By Alhaji Alhasan Abdulai

At all times in human existence there appear periodically prominent personalities in various areas of life such as sports, music, politics, and religion to mention but a few. Some of these men and women like Prophets Jesus, Mohammed, Azumah Nelson, Tetteh Quarshie, Drs Kwame Nkrumah and Busia are living legends, and superstars who are famous all over the world now and forever. There are currently many superstars or celebrities in Ghana and the world who are making waves in sports, religion and entertainment.


While going about their duties they have a responsibly to learn how to manage their fame and celebrity status. Developments in the lives of these men have shown that some of them are either unaware about their status or are less bothered about what happens to them (whether they do the right things or not). Some also fall into temptation beyond their ability to manage. The fact that these men especially in entertainment, sports, religious and politics are popular, they must be careful at all times and seek advice from the right persons because by their status they would be required to be above board in all that they do or say .

But what do we see and hear about some of these men and women. Some of them have failed to live up to expectation sometimes due to circumstances beyond their control. By trying to smuggle cocaine out of the country a few of them have been arrested and jailed. People like Mr. Eric Amoateng and Nayele Ametefe who were jailed for attempting to smuggle cocaine to the United States of America and Britain respectively would regret what they have done.

But it is too late for them to repair the damage done to them as a result of their greed and carelessness. Apart from losing their prestige in society they are in danger of getting their properties confiscated to the state for their involvement in cocaine trade. Instead of walking with pride in Ghana they would not be able to mingle with people in the society so easily. Currently Kwaku Kyei Darkwa the finest has been arrested and is going through trials for allegedly raping a 19 year old lady in a hotel in Accra. Mr. Emmanuel Kwaw Kese Botwey alias Abodam a prolific musician has also been arrested and is also going through trial for smoking wee or Indian hemp openly. Whether or not they come out clean their reputations in society would no longer be as before. Their images would be bruised big time.

Apart from these category of men there are others who are busy soiling their images through exchange of unnecessary insults and accusations . Why Adjoa Swazneger should get embroiled in exchange of insults with bishop Daniel Obinim who has agreed to follow the lady into the gutter beats my imagination. What is painful is that Bishop Obinim has also been having encounters with the former president Rawlings. All these personalities mentioned are stalwarts. The earlier they put a stop to what they are doing the better for what they are doing is not good for themselves and the image of Ghana.

Currently Bill Cosby the American TV series giant is also going through hell for allegedly raping a young lady during his hey days as a television personality. No one would want to be in his shoes. After winning a lot of awards and now on a verge of retiring peacefully all he needs is not disturbing trips to media houses to answer queries on what he considers as a frame up but peaceful rest.

Brimah Kamoko Alias Bukom Banku the man who has become a household name as a good boxer is fast becoming notorious for engaging in street fights for no good reason. The earlier he is advised to stop what he is doing the better. I don?t think that he wants to follow the footsteps of Mike Tyson who after winning most of his fights with good heavyweight boxers has become infamous for engaging in street fights. The fact that Sulley Mundari, Michael ESSIEN and Kelvin Prince Boateng have not been invited to take part in the AFCON tournament for The Ghana Black Stars in Equatorial Guinea means they are not in the good books of the Ghana Football Association. They have shown remorse for what they have done wrong yet it would take some time and good negotiations for them to play for Ghana given the fact that many people do not want them back in the Ghana squad anymore for being bad influence on the team.
Apart from what the above personalities are going through, we need to learn from what has happened to the following personalities; these include nana Akwasi Agyemang alias Geeman a top musician who suffered a 19 tear conviction for killing a taxi driver. I bet you would not like to go through his experience.
In 1995, Nana Akwasi Agyemang aka Geeman, shot and killed a taxi driver at Dome in Accra ? following an argument over payment of taxi fare. The taxi driver had been hired by Nadia, a female friend of Geeman from Odorkor to Geeman?s home in Dome. According to Nadia, the .fare agreed upon was 3,000 cedis (now 3p) while the taxi driver said it was 4,000 cedis (now 4p).
Gemann accused the Taxi Driver of overcharging an actress who was visiting him for a movie project. He refused to pay the driver the amount the latter charged and that led to a misunderstanding between them.

The driver came back later and collected a patch of sand from a spot where Gemann was previous standing, supposedly for black magic purposes. Gemann got offended, ran into his room and brought out a pistol with which he shot the taxi driver ? after giving a warning shot.

Jagger Pee, a close pal to Geeman, was alleged to have hassled the taxi driver and was holding him before the shooting. After police investigations and court trial, Jaggar Pee was convicted for abetment of crime and was given a life sentence and Gemann sentenced to death for murder.
Nadia and another lady, Vida, who was at Gemann?s residence at the time of the incident, were discharged by the court. The third person, identified only as Kwame is still on the run.

By work of destiny, Gemann went into custody on the 9th of January, 1995 and was set free on the 9th of Jan, 2009 by a Presidential pardon from the then outgoing President, John Agyekum Kuffour; after serving his constitutionally mandated two term of office.

The above true story which happened almost 19 years ago, is to be screen played and used for a blockbuster movie just like the true life story of Ghanaian Takoradi born, Kingsley Ofosu, whose ?stow away? story at the Takoradi harbor in 1992, was used by HBO and other Hollywood filmmakers for the movie, ?Deadly Voyage.?
In Kofi Yeboah?s own words, ?I will write a script and use him as the main cast (lead character). I promise it will become a blockbuster movie that can be used to educate, especially, our celebrities to caution their temper as public figures and role models.?
Gemann was the first man in Ghana who won by popular acclamation, the accolade, The ?Michael Jackson of Ghana.? He is the first Ghanaian musician to copy the late Michael Jackson?s style of music, stage performance/craft, hair styling and costuming. His music career was largely influenced by the Late King of Pop Music.
While some say Gemann wasted 14 years of his life in prison due to his inability to control his temper over a petty issue, Gemann has said on several platforms that he believes he was rather sent to prison for protection from this mundane world.
Gemann is now fondly known as Bro. G?Love. He is now a pastor, teacher, an international evangelist, gospel artiste/songwriter, a Christian music producer with his own recording label, and a multi-media outfit ? Christian Entertainment company (GODSBIZ).

Roy “The Black Flash” Ankrah was a Ghanaian professional in the feather, super, lightweight boxer in the 1940s, ’50s and ’60s who won the Gold Coast flyweight title, Gold Coast bantamweight title, Gold Coast featherweight title, Gold Coast lightweight title, Gold Coast welterweight. He was one of the most respected boxers in Ghana who devoted his entire life to train up and coming boxers voluntarily. He was also one of our stalwarts who was once accused of sleeping with an under aged girl while in Britain. The story was denied by the late boxing giant.

By the above accounts given in respect of the down sides of our super stars home and abroad we need to be careful. Whatever our status in life as politicians, entertainers, teachers, drivers, musicians religious leaders we all must be very careful in life. We must manage our fame and not fall into temptation. This way we could perform our roles and be free from dangers ahead.

Alhaji Alhasan Abdulai
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