Yango implements new safety features to protect riders and partner drivers in Ghana


Yango, an international tech company continues to upgrade safety features of its ride hailing service in Ghana and is pleased to announce the implementation of comprehensive security enhancements aimed at ensuring the safety and well-being of both riders and partner drivers in the market.Safety has always been a top priority for Yango, and these proactive measures reinforces our commitment to providing a secure and reliable ride-hailing experience for all users. Recognizing the paramount importance of safety in the ride hailing industry, Yango has fortified its platform and enhanced security protocols to foster a safe environment for everyone.

Building upon existing safety features, Yango now offers additional security measures for both riders and drivers in Ghana.

Yango has recently incorporated a function that requests a selfie from new users to place a ride request. The passenger will also see the driver’s selfie for the same reasons. Before the trip, the drivers also have access to the passenger’s number of trips and ratings based on the feedback from the previous trips.

Passengers can now view detailed partner driver information including a photo, name, vehicle license plate, and score before their ride. Furthermore, all partner drivers undergo regular verification processes, including facial recognition checks, to ensure their identity and maintain the integrity of the platform.

In response to the evolving safety needs, Yango has introduced new features to further enhance security. For instance, drivers now have access to passengers’ trip history and ratings, enabling informed decisions before accepting a ride.

To empower drivers in ensuring their safety, Yango has implemented a conflict button feature, allowing them to record audio in case of safety incidents. This recorded audio is securely stored and accessible only by the dedicated support team, ensuring privacy and confidentiality.

Additionally, drivers have the option to provide feedback about passengers and decline trips to certain areas deemed unsafe without facing penalties.

Tom Ofonime, General Manager of Yango in Ghana, emphasized the company’s unwavering commitment to safety, stating, “The safety and security of our riders and drivers are our top priorities. We are dedicated to implementing robust security measures and leveraging innovative technologies to create a safe and trusted ride-hailing environment for everyone in Ghana.”

Other already existing safety features for drivers include display of riders rating, identity photo checks in special cases ,display of alert zones & non-penalty configuration for drivers to be able to skip orders to the alert zones, display of point B for drivers in alert zones, display of riders profile picture, rating form to evaluate riders and in-app calls to support.

On the riders side, several safety features already exist which include route monitoring, trusted contacts, rating form to evaluate drivers, display of drivers rating , safety center, SOS button, support team which acts promptly, drivers document checks among many others.

In addition to these measures, Yango remains committed to fostering a culture of safety and accountability within its platform, continuously evaluating and updating its policies and procedures to align with best practices and regulatory standards. This the company believes will create a platform for affordable and convenient rides for passengers while enabling entrepreneurs and creating sustainable economic opportunities for both partners and the partner drivers.

With these latest security enhancements, Yango aims to set a new benchmark for safety and reliability in the ride-hailing industry, reaffirming its position as the preferred choice for transportation services in Ghana.

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