A former Ashanti regional chairman of the New Patriotic Party, Robert Yaw Amankwah has called on Parliament to as a matter of urgency impeach president Mills for lying to Ghanaians that he was unaware of the payment of the Woyome judgment debt case- describing the president’s statement as hypocritical, malicious and a blatant lie intended to mislead the people of Ghana.

He said if the impeachment law was to be enforced and applied on the president, it will serve as precedent to other high ranking state officials to become more “reasonable, accountable and responsible” in executing their constitutionally mandated duties without shirking their responsibilities.

“Impeaching the president will make him understand that he (Mills) and any other future President of this country cannot take the people of this country for granted” he added.

He said the president has shown beyond all reasonable doubt that he has lost control of the management of the country and that he was incapable of running the state but was only being used by the “hawks in the party to do their bidding.”

Speaking on a number of issues in an interview with the New Statesman, Chairman Amankwah noted that the president’s statement amounts to a betrayal and a breach of the trust reposed in him by the good people of Ghana and a sign of incompetence on his part and that of those around him.

The former party chairman said the president has indeed refused to tell Ghanaians the truth about his involvement in the Woyome case despite his Chief of Staff admitting having prior knowledge about the payment.

“This is indeed the biggest lie of the highest order by the first gentleman of this land and he should be impeached”, he said.

He described the situation as a threat to national security and the economy because the president, he said, was not on top of issues in the country.

“There is no way the president will not be privy to such sensitive information bothering on the finance and security of the state, Mr Amankwah said”.

According to Yaw Amankwah, “what president Mills has done is a clear manifestation of the gross corruption in his government that the NPP and the people of this country have been talking about” and added that this is not going to be the last if Ghanaians fail to ‘overthrow’ him and his NDC government with their thumbs in the general elections in December.

Mr Amankwah maintained that President Mills and his NDC party have for the past three years run the affairs to this country with lies and propaganda “and this is the time Ghanaians should wake up and tell them enough is enough”

The former chairman urged Ghanaians not to allow “this marauding beast of a government to force their lies on the innocent people of Ghana” and that they “are not ready to allow Professor Mills and the NDC to trade the image of Ghana for shame and we shall rise up in one accord and make sure they do not plunge the country’s image into a ditch”,

The former party leader in the region also described as hypocritical, the ministerial reshuffle announced by president Mills last week. He said president Mills is only resorting to diversionary tactics only to sway attention from the Woyome case to give him a breathing space.

To him, there was no way the reshuffle could have a positive impact on the governance of the state and reduce hardship of Ghanaians since “those called in are all team ‘B’ players who are bringing noting but to continue with the shameful direction of their predecessors”

“What is the essence of this so-called ministerial reshuffle when the main boss who has shown consistent incompetence is still in the driver’s seat? He should have rather sacked himself because he is an epitome of failure and disappointment”, he added.

Again, Robert Yaw Amankwah asserted that the hypocrisy of president Mills has manifested itself since he assumed the reins of office by rewarding ministers in his administration who insult authority with impunity.

“This is the man who preaches against politics of insult and respect for authority in the open and yet he gladly rewards people in his government for insulting people in authority,” chairman Amankwah stated, citing Kobby Acheampong’s case to buttress his point.

In his estimation, professor Mills is not good for the country and wants well meaning Ghanaians to kick out the NDC and its bunch of incompetent leadership.

Source The Statesman Ghana



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