Ghana beats Nigeria as number one in online fraud

ghana online fraud

According to iovation an online fraud prevention entity, out of the 50 Million online fraud attempts in 2011, transactions originating from the country of Ghana were most likely to to be fraudulent. Iovations CEO stated :

“Although Ghana topped our list, online fraud is a global problem. We see proof everyday that cyber fraud knows no boundaries—crossing borders, devices and industries at will which makes it all the more important to share data and about truly global device activity.”

They released the top five countries showing the most fraud in 2011 (as a percentage of the transactions originating in that country) ,below is the best of best in online theft :

  1. Ghana
  2. Nigeria
  3. The Philippines
  4. China
  5. Israel

This is really embarrassing, many businesses in Ghana want to expand into the global market and yet some of our very own country men are scrutinizing their hard work . Common money transfer cannot be initiated into the country, sites like amazon,ebay and paypal have blacklisted transactions originating from Ghana. This does not speak volume to a ‘developing’ economy. We are really loosing out and i urge people to cease their fraudulent online activity because it hurts us more than we gain in the long run.

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