A lot of people are voicing out their views on different platforms on the size of the ministers after H.E reveal another 50 deputy ministers and additional 4 ministers of state taking the number to 110. As usual I present my common sense analysis. After all, this is my space.

Hmmmmm…… Calculation upon calculation, analysis upon analysis, comments upon comments… Asԑm oooooo

110 V8, 110 salon cars, 110 police guards, 110 accommodation. Naïve!!!

The sickness of minority and propaganda is becoming serious in the country.

The constitution of this beloved country allow the president to appoint ministers of state at any size that he deemed necessary.

I never heard Nana Addo and his team promising lean government but rather he promised to fix the economy.

Here is a government who said he is in a hurry. If bringing more hand on board will help him deliver the promises he made to Ghanaians…. Why not give him the benefit of the doubt. Don’t forget how far this loot and share group called NDC have taken this country to.

Taking GDP growth rate from 14% to a little above 3%. Debt stock to 112 billion.

Mind you that out of this appointed ministers, 64 of them are MPs, meaning 64 will not take double salaries. Each will take only one as per article 71 holders payment structure.

During Mahama administration, at the presidency, there was 678 employees, including Minister of state, washerman and sanitary labourers as at 2013 and also presidential household alone workers were 316. Did anyone bothered making calculations or commenting on this? ( Details of this will be another issue … I leave it for now).

I personally think that rather than debating on the huge number of ministers, Ghanaians must concentrate on how soon Nana can Salvage the socio- economic conditions of the country.

Can the tax payers afford their salaries and entitlement? Most frequent ask questions.

I want to make this emphatically clear that this government has shown a strong indication of reducing some of the payments and entitlement to these appointees and ministers. Remember that this government has a track record in this, Transition team, Ghana at 60 committee all forfeiting their allowances for the love of this country.

Of course history has been made and I promise you that more history will be made in this Nana-Bawumia era because they are committed in changing the Ghanaian narrative. Don’t expect this government to do what other NDC government did.

I think they confused…. Asiedu Nketia ( Joynews).

Am rather confused about your confused statement Mr.

Does lean government guarantees success?

Lean Government…..

There was a lean government that was wasteful, arrogance of power was the order of the day.

There was a lean government where loot and share causes rot in GYEEDA.

There was a lean government where a huge sums of money was invested in SADA. Where are the Guinea fowls?

NDC government were rather the confused government. Look at what happen at ISOFOTON deal, bus branding, Brazil world cup etc.

Here come a Messiah (Nana Addo Dankwa) and Prophet ( Dr. Bawumia) where first budget presentation turn into jubilation of the Ghanaian populace.

Additional deputies and persons may not be needed, but additional persons can be helpful.

Political leadership is important to effectively drive the vision of the government.

Leadership is about choice.

Give H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo a space of time and let prosperity judge itself.

Nobody can take your shine away from you and that is what it should always be.

I trust and believe in His Excellency and the miraculous Economic team that they will deliver.

The thought of a hopeful citizen not a spectator.

Yeboah Benjamin




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