Yellow fever outbreak kills 8 in Nigeria

yellow fever vaccination campaign

An outbreak of yellow fever has killed eight people in northeastern Nigeria, local health officials confirmed late Monday.

Rilwanu Mohammed, head of the Bauchi State Primary Healthcare Development Agency, said eight others have been hospitalized as the disease continues to spread in the Ganjuwa area of the state.

Health workers recorded the eight yellow fever deaths on a recent routine exercise in the Ganjuwa area, Mohammed told reporters in Bauchi City, capital of Bauchi State.

The disease is mostly spread by a type of mosquitoes called “Aedes Aepyti” found in the tropics and sub-tropics. It reportedly also can be spread by forest monkeys.

To curb the outbreak, the health official said a vaccination exercise is underway. The disease is preventable by a single dose of yellow fever vaccine, which provides immunity for life.


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