Yellow fever panic under control in Angola

For nearly two weeks, no Chinese or local people came to Zhongyan hospital in southern Luanda to vaccinate themselves against yellow fever, nor was anybody was diagnosed as contracting the disease, head of the hospital Shen Yongzhong said Saturday.

Rift Valley Fever

“The yellow fever, which had panicked the country since last December was apparently under control after massive vaccination campaigns were conducted in the capital city and other provinces of the country”, Shen said.

Rift Valley Fever
Shen’s hospital, located at Zango, one of the most densely populated districts in southern Luanda, vaccinated over 1,000 Chinese and 2,500 Angolans against yellow fever in March as part of a massive nationwide vaccination campaign launched by the Angolan government.

Currently there was no cure for yellow fever, but the disease was preventable by vaccination.

Angola managed to get at least 5.7 million vaccines from the World Health Organization and donor countries against yellow fever, a mosquito-bred disease which killed at least 218 people, including 156 in the capital city of Luanda since the first case was detected and reported on December 5, 2015.

This was the third out-break of yellow fever in Angola after another two two in 1975 and 1983.

Apart from the nation-wide vaccination efforts, the Angolan government also launched a massive 45-day sanitation campaign in Luanda and mobilized all passible forces, including the military and police, on March 21 to remove dustbins and wipe out breeding grounds for mosquitos. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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