Boko Haram
Boko Haram

Youth for Democratic Africa (YoDA) have unequivocally condemned particularly the former Vice President of South Sudan, Riek Marchar and Boko Haram for the mass abductions and killings in South Sudan and Nigeria.

boko haram
boko haram

YoDA have registered their displeasure over the civil rebellion and breaches of the democratic process by rebels of south Sudan to circumvent the state machinery.

The Youth Coordinating Secretary, Pius Enam Hadzide expressed worry that over 900,000 people have fled their homes and displaced in south Sudan, and more than 80,000 have sought refuge in UN compounds.

He added in Cuba, Oxfam estimated that 80 percent of the displayed are women and children whiles the International Crisis Group also reported on 9th January 2014 that 10,000 people were killed in less than a month.

According to him, the former Vice President of South Sudan after been accused of a failed coup d??tat managed to assemble an army of rebels fighters mainly from his ethnic Neur group to attack the constitutionally elected leaders.

The Coordinating Security said the African newest country South Sudan after gaining its independence from Sudan in July 2011 experienced the first Coup d??tat led by the then Vice President, Riek Marchar on 15th December 2013.

He noted the former Vice President, now a rebel leader is demanding certain conditions before any negotiation because he is at variance with the constitutionally elected government.

During the press conference, the Coordinating Secretary noted rebellion and the use of violence has been legitimized in South Sudan as a means to attain, retain and transfer political power by force.

Mr. Hadzide said the rebel leader, Mr. Riek Marchar has now won the support of the neighboring countries because the inactions and actions of African leaders and the world at large have allowed Mr. Marchar rebellion to grow into a massive continental nuisance.

According to the Coordinating Secretary of YoDA, UNICEF has warned that the oil rich South Sudan?s conflict has triggered a serious risk of famine that could kill up to 50,000 children.

Therefore, they are call on Riek Marchar, the rebel leader of South Sudan to disarm and disband his irate fighters to use the prescribed democratic procedure to seek answers and redress.

YoDA is also calling on all African leaders and the world super powers to break the silence and respond to the situation immediately otherwise some other groups may derive motivation from the situation in South Sudan to intensify the insurrection.

?If care is not taken, the unfortunate situation in South Sudan would consume Africa like wild fire, a group of people, dissatisfied with democratic governance in their country would rise up, gather arms and begin killing innocent civilians only to attract attention and be engaged,? he stated.

But he however hoped that the state of truce in South Sudan will come to a healthy and fruitful conclusion.

The Coordinating Security has simultaneously condemned the radical ideology of the Boko Haram over the recent kidnappings of the young female citizens of Nigerian as hostage.

He however expressed his profound gratitude that some world leaders have begun to respond to the crisis whiles the situation is different in South Sudan.

YoDA has urged all Muslims to dedicate the Jum?ah prayers of Friday 23rd May to these young and innocent ladies.

According to him, YoDA will march in solidarity with the good people of South Sudan at the next meeting of the ECOWAS heads of state in Accra to raise the support.

Youth for Democratic Africa is a continental grouping of likeminded young men and women committed to entrenching democratic tendencies in African body politic.

Source:Abubakari Seidu Ajarfor, Punch Newspaper


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