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It appears to us from afar that, the management of the university is gradually shifting from one that motivates lecturers to one that is applying divide and rule tactics in managing the school.

Methodist University College
Methodist University College

“As former students of this great university, you must understand how much pain we have to go through to write this piece today regarding some current unfortunate happenings in a school that cut our umbilical cords and put us in proper stead educationally , psychologically, spiritually, entrepreneurial and above all the believe that everything is possible under the sun and we can achieve anything if we put ourselves to it”.

Methodist University College
Methodist University College

Methodist university college Ghana is part and parcel of our lives today and without methodist university, we wouldn’t have been who we are today.

From far and near we came to Methodist University to study various courses that we believed would spare us into the future and by the grace of God, many of us are doing so well in our chosen fields of endeavors thanks to the quality of education we got from our great Alma Mater.

Our successes today couldn’t have been possible without the support of the very capable, motivated and up to the minute lecturers we were privileged to have, coupled with the exceptionally creative academic and management staff.

We still have most these excellent lecturers there still trying to give their best to God and country and to the methodist church through whose blessed guidance that this school was born. But unfortunately, it appears to us from afar that, the management of the university is gradually shifting from one that motivates lecturers to one that is applying divide and rule tactics in managing the school.

We as former students are very concerned that in the midst of emerging competition in the academic world today, such troubles will befall our school. A school that awarded us our proud certificates we are using to work so exceptionally in our fields nationally and internationally.

We do not intend to spill too much of the beans now due to the delicate nature of the issues at hand now but soon if matters are not corrected to bring back the glory of our school, we will have no options than to say it as it is to save the future of our school we so much treasure.

We wish to appeal to management to as a matter of urgency address the issue of payments of all outstanding allowances of our lecturers (i.e. transport, extra teaching, extra marking, book and research allowances, medical bills, project work supervision, among others you have owed them for months.

How do you expect your teaching staff to teach for two years without paying them their book and research allowances? How do you feel when you ask them questions about research publications during your interactions? Do you not feel guilty? How do you expect the lecturers to transport themselves to the tema school and weekend school when you have refused to pay them their transportation allowance for more than four months?

And do you expect them to feel motivated to teach in the midst of all these mistreatment’s? And if we may ask the last question, should any lecturer be unable to attend lectures due to his or her inability to fuel his vehicle, will you be able to look in the face of God and have the guts to query that lecturer?

You don’t expect these talented and exceptional lecturers that the school has employed and nurtured over the years to continue to teach without you delivering on the side of your contract with them.

We do not want to loose these lecturers to the enormous competition outside. Hence, the school must meet with them and settle the differences between them and the lecturers.

Also, the principal must desist from being a tyrant to a manager. He must lead and not be lead by his ego and must also eschew selectivity in administering the school.

He must not be seen as a leader who makes comments such as “The lecturers are in the school are there default and if they are sacked, they will not have anywhere to go”. Such comments are repugnant to say the least of manager of such a reputable Christian University.

How on earth should a Minister of God in the Methodist church and a Principal of a Christian University be saying things like “I don’t give a damn” in front of your employees during convocation? Is that a fair labor practice?

As we indicated, we will say very little because of how delicate the matter is but will only advice the lecturers to stand strong and not let their hearts be troubled and be demoralized.

Only time will tell

Methodist University College.
Excellence, Morality, Service.

From: Concerned Alumni of the Methodist University College Ghana

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