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You too can play the Financial Markets thanks to online technology

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Playing the financial markets is no longer the reserve of people in suits. Where once it was the Wall Street fat cats who dominated the trading world, things are now more egalitarian. Today, almost any adult with an internet connection can invest in stocks, go long on commodities, or trade forex. In fact, it’s not just accessibility that’s changed the game. Online innovations have made it easier to learn the nuances of trading and, in turn, for novices to manage their portfolios. Of course, the internet hasn’t managed to take the risk out of investing. There’s always going to be uncertainty. However, there’s no doubt that people across Ghana can now invest their money in the financial markets like never before.

The Internet Has Opened the Door

The first thing that any aspiring trader needs is an entry point. The Ghana Stock Exchange lists companies from across Africa and, in turn, their share price. So, when you visit the Ghana Stock Exchange,you’ll see the date a company such as Aluworks LTD was listed. You’ll also see the Aluminium manufacturer’s stated capital, the number of shares it’s issued, its financial statements, and more. Then, of course, you can weigh up all this information against its current share price and decide whether or not it’s worth investing in. It’s at this stage you’d need an entry point. Unless you’re a major financial institution, you’ll need a broker to access the Ghana Stock Exchange or any other exchange for that matter. That’s where online trading sites come in.

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If you were to visit a site like Infinox, for example, you would not only get access to stock trading options but forex and commodities. INFINOX acts as a broker. It bridges the gap between retail investors (i.e. you) and the financial markets, by offering products that allow you to invest small amounts but have the same level of exposure as institutional investors. For example, forex (currency) is usually traded in lots. A lot is equal to 100,000 units of a base currency. Buying a single lot is something few retail investors can afford, which is why online brokers offer something known as leverage. This basically multiplies a small investment so that you can buy lots enough to trade. That’s just one way the internet has made trading more accessible to the average Ghanaian.

The Internet is Awash with Help and Advice

Delve even deeper into the industry and you’ll see there are numerous resources designed to educate, inform and enlighten. The majority of trading sites provide daily news updates, statistics, and charts that track a variety of important metrics. However, outside of these platforms, you can get personal and professional insights for free. Let’s say you want to trade oil or some other type of energy product. You could check out the EIA. The U.S. Energy Information Administration provides energy stats that governments and corporations use to make decisions.

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You too can use this information to get a handle on the energy industry, potential policy changes, and more. Indeed, it’s these things that affect the value of oil and more. So, without much effort, you’ve tapped into a professional, reliable resource that can help you trade. When you combine this with increased access to trading markets, tools, and information, it’s easy to see why the industry is growing at a rapid rate. Indeed, there’s a reason people like Elon Musk like to whip up a storm on Twitter when it comes to things like Bitcoin or GameStop. Yes, he’s having some fun. However, he also knows that more people than ever are interested in trading. That’s down to the internet making it easier for everyone, even beginners, to make informed choices with their money.

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