Approach or aspiration is important for success? This question, every corporate and its employees must ask as loud as possible to oneself.

Once there was a fisher man who lived near a village. The fisherman knew how to catch the fishes, which season is ideal to catch fishes, in which pond or river or lake the fishes live abundantly, which breed of the fish will fetch him big money, the market price of various fishes, the export scope etc. Besides all the above, he was also a very courageous, hard working, very passionate and aspiring fisherman. Indeed he was young too with right attitude. Unfortunately the fisherman was living in utter poverty and dismay. Why the fortune has not worked well for him? With all virtues and talents, the fisherman finds hard to meet both ends of his life. Why so?

The simple reason was that the fisherman was catching fishes with hook and bait. He used to invest many hours a day to get a single fish. He knew no other methods of catching fishes other than the hook and bait.

What does the above story mean to the corporate? Attitude, passion and aspiration etc., may go wrong and redundant if the right approach is not employed or used. To meet the dreams, the fisherman must use net or other means of catching fishes and definitely not the hook or bait. With hook bait one can catch only one fish at a time. Only if the approach of doing things changes, one can find success.

Many employees in most corporate are like the fisherman in the above story. They may have vast knowledge about the subject, adequate experience, passion, commitment and hard working attitude. But none of them would have succeeded well in the career. They may be wondering why they could not find success despite having all necessary pre-requisites for success and glory.

Is it, some people are cursed and hence how much ever effort they put, they never find success. Unless the right approach is employed, nothing on earth can help people. The passion, hard working attitude, commitment, knowledge etc., for success in life should help one to find the right path to success.

It is not the ?knowledge for success? will help one to be successful but only the ?knowledge to success? enable one to achieve laurels and glory.

If the fisherman were using the fish net, he would have become very successful in catching fishes. All his virtues would have certainly supported him to achieve greater results only when the right approach is employed. The working style has to be changed. To change the working style, one needs to ask questions wisely and introspect the situation scientifically. Instead of one being pragmatic and practical, become sentimental and superstitious.

How many employees are wasting their talents by not knowing and recognizing the fact that their approach has to be changed? It is only their approach is not helping them to be successful. Ironically when people become aware of some realities, they becomes ignorant and idiots of other realities.

The corporate people need to take a deep breath on the message of the above narration and needs to understand how they have to change the approach. It is not just the passion, only the vision takes one to success. The HR has a big role in understanding why people with so much of capabilities are not performing and how the right approach can be identified and help people to employ them for total and complete success.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd.

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