Youth attack Asawase police station, vandalise property

Asawase police station
Asawase police station

Following the death of their colleague, a group of enraged youth in the Asokore Mampong Municipality, located in the Ashanti Region, took matters into their own hands and attacked the Asawase Police station.

According to reports from Citi News, the youth alleged that the deceased young man was picked up by police officers during a swoop at a hideout. They claimed that he was mistreated while in police custody, which eventually led to his demise.

Reacting to this tragic incident, the furious youth stormed the Asawase police station and engaged in destructive actions. They reportedly pelted stones and vandalized various properties within the building. The damage caused to the station has also left it without electricity, as the meter was affected during the rampage.

In response to the escalating situation, a substantial number of police officers were deployed to the area to prevent further violence.

Gideon Okai, the Assembly Member for Asawase West Electoral Area, described the events to Citi News, stating that he heard a group of individuals throwing stones into the police station from his residence.

He immediately called the police patrol officer to restore calm to the situation. Upon entering the police station, it became evident that significant damage had occurred.

The authorities denied the allegations of killing the youth, but the angry youth remained steadfast in their accusations, resulting in the destructive retaliation.

The incident has sparked tensions in the area, and the situation remains sensitive as authorities attempt to address the grievances of the aggrieved youth and prevent further escalation of violence.



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