The Chief of Busa in the Wa Municipality, Naa Salia Bulugbanue, has advised the youth in the area to respect all traffic laws to avoid premature deaths through road accidents.YOUTH DEVELOPMENT

He said it was in their interest that the Police at the barriers had been demanding from them documents relating to the ownership of their motorbikes and licenses, as well as enforcing the law to wear crashing helmets to protect their heads in times of crashes.

Naa Bulugbanue noted that both the police and parents were worried about the rampant motorbike crashes, resulting in the untimely deaths and maiming of the youth in the Municipality.

He pointed out that the police enforcing the laws on them should not be misconstrued to mean that they were worrying them, saying: ?What is important is for the youth to co-operate, and be law abiding at all times.?

Naa Bulugbanue was reacting to the youth?s accusation at a ?community forum? at Busa, that the Police have been harassing them at the Wa-Busa barrier.

The Busa-Naa also urged people in the community to embrace the provision of toilet facilities by households to secure themselves against sanitation-related diseases, such cholera and diarrhea.

He also encouraged the people to always clean their surroundings to help rid the community of filth and mosquitoes.

Naa Bulugbanue appealed to government to consider upgrading the Busa Health Post into a polyclinic, to help provide quality healthcare service to the people

Efforts should also be made to complete the tarring of the Wa-Busa road, which is half-way tarred, to facilitate the movement of people, and enhance local business transaction in the Municipality.

Members of the community expressed disappointment about the felling of the shea and economic trees for charcoal production, and appealed to government to enforce laws to save those trees from extinction.

According to them, failure to enforce the laws would in the long run, leave the north with no tree s, let alone economic trees, the members said.

?We are worried to see long vehicles load of charcoal from the communities whose environment is savannah in nature, and is already challenged by climate change?, the people pointed out.

Some of the members complained that some parts of the community were not connected to electricity, and appealed to government to consider connecting the entire community to the national grid to help enhance cottage industry.

They also expressed worry about the spate of activities of armed robbers harassing women when they go to the bush to fetch vegetables and fuelwood as well as others returning from the farms.

The security agencies must be up and doing, to rid the area of armed robbers, to enable women carry out their domestic and farming activities without any fear of harassments, the members appealed.

The Busa community, which has a population of more than 5,000 and predominantly farmers, urged government to continue to subsidize fertilizers to assist them to increase food production.

The Ghana Broadcasting Corporation in collaboration with Radio Upper West and Media Foundation for West Africa, organised the forum to bring major state actors, especially the Wa Municipal Assembly, to account for its stewardship, as a way of bringing governance to the doorsteps of the people.

The forum also offered the Assembly the chance to account to the people, as to how it was utilizing the taxes and other finances from central government, and development partners, while the people also asked pertinent questions relating to development , and also made appeals to government for specific development projects.



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