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Youth in Agriculture: Driving Economic Growth and Alleviating Poverty

Bismark Okyere Asante Chief Executive Officer Of Linbisk Farms
Bismark Okyere Asante Chief Executive Officer Of Linbisk Farms

In a thorough analysis of agriculture’s crucial position in economic development, Bismark Okyere Asante, Chief Executive Officer of LINBISK FARMS, highlights its potential as a powerful catalyst for growth, particularly in nations characterized by a substantial rural population.

Asante’s emphasis on the pivotal role of agriculture underscores its significance in driving economic development, shedding light on its capacity to stimulate growth in countries with a notable rural presence.

This insight offers valuable perspectives on how agricultural practices can contribute substantially to broader economic advancement.

Highlighting the transformative impact of engaging young people in agriculture, Mr. Asante underscores that their role extends beyond employment to include vital contributions to food security, poverty reduction, and overall economic stability.

He passionately calls on nations to invest in agriculture and actively support the younger generation’s participation in the sector, viewing it as a crucial means to overcome economic challenges and lay the groundwork for sustainable development.

During a media address at LINBISK FARMS, Mr. Asante shares the inspiring narrative behind the farm’s establishment.

Motivated by a commitment to providing his family with clean and healthy meat, LINBISK FARMS emerged with a dedication to raising animals in a natural setting, free from the chemicals and environmental hazards associated with industrial food production.

The journey began with the conversion of their conventional 2-acre yard into a vibrant pasture, involving the removal of turf grass and the introduction of diverse plant species to nourish their animals.

Recounting their initial venture into livestock farming with pride, LINBISK FARMS started with poultry. Implementing a strategic rotation system for chickens across the property, laid the foundation for a thriving pastured poultry business.

Mr. Asante’s farm serves as a testament to sustainable and ethical farming practices, reflecting his vision of agriculture as a dynamic force capable of bringing about positive economic change and fostering societal well-being.

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