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The Zambian government on Friday extended a travel ban for permanent Secretaries as part of measures announced to tackle rising expenditure and instill discipline in government operations.

Simon Miti, Secretary to the Cabinet, said the travel ban, which was scheduled to expire on Aug. 30, 2019, has been extended as part of efforts to continue with expenditure control measures.

The government imposed a 90-day travel ban for permanent secretaries in June this year.

He said the move was aimed at enabling government remain on course in reducing expenditure on travel and direct scarce resources to areas that will benefit citizens.

Speaking when he addressed permanent secretaries from various ministries, the head of the public service said he has been permitted to institute sanctions on senior government officers frustrating government programs and not adhering to austerity measures.

“Further, if it is observed that you are not working as a team and are frustrating government programs, sanctions will follow, it is no longer business as usual,” he said.

He said his office will soon be making adjustments to senior government officers in order to improve the efficiency of the system and urged permanent secretaries to take their work serious.

He noted that in view of the country’s economic situation triggered by climate change effects and other factors, permanent Secretaries’ focus should be doing whatever they could using less resources. Enditem


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