Zambia police hailed for prevailing over spate of chemical attacks


Stakeholders in Zambia on Thursday commended the police for prevailing over the issue of spraying of chemicals in people’s homes which had rocked the nation.

Zambia was engulfed in a spate of spraying of gases on people homes and public institution which left people gasping for breath. On the other hand, people took it upon themselves to beat and kill people suspected to be behind the spraying of chemicals. The police on Wednesday said that calm has returned to the country due to team work and cooperation by stakeholders, resulting in the decline of incidents of spraying of chemicals and killing of people suspected to be behind the spraying the chemicals. Kakoma Kanganja, Inspector General of the Zambia Police, said the great strides recorded were an indication that security wings will soon bring the matter to a close.

According to the police, some 560 suspects have been arrested for mob justice while 24 have been taken to court. More than 50 people lost their lives as a result of instant mob justice. Andrew Ntewewe, president of the Young African Leadership Initiative, said the organization was grateful that calm has returned and commended the police for a good job.He said in an interview that the volatile situation which had rocked the country as a result of chemical spraying and instant justice left a dent on the country’s good record of being a peaceful country.
“It was a matter of concern that we had those incidents because Zambia is known as a beacon of peace,” he said. The organization hoped that the police will get to the bottom of the problem and arrest the masterminders of the heinous crimes. Boniface Chembe, executive director of the Southern African Center for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes said the incidents of chemical spraying and instant mob justice was a dent on the country’s notational values and principles.

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