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Authorities in Zambia said on Wednesday that about 252 food items will undergo scientific analysis to establish their nutrient content.

Musonda Mpofu, National Food and Nutrition Commission Executive Director, said the identified food items were being analyzed for their nutrient content with a view to see how best to fully exploit their nutrient value.

He said funds to conduct the scientific analysis tests on the food items have already been sourced, according to Zambia News and Information Service (ZANIS), the state-run news agency.

He added that once the tests have been completed, the commission will then make public the best ways to exploit the nutritional content of food items identified.

According to him, there were a number of nutritious foods in Zambia that could help boost nutrition in the country and urged citizens to consume a mix of various foods to help them exploit a wider range of nutrient uptake.

He said people should consume at least 13 different food groups in a week, adding that the country was also endowed with a variety of natural food stuffs which people could consume to improve their nutrient levels. Enditem



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