A researcher from Zambia’s biggest public university has made strides in cancer research by finding ways in which the process of cancer cells could be slowed down, the researcher said on Monday.

In his research which has also received funding from the World Academy of Sciences, Lubinda Mukololo has identified key proteins whose depletion from cancer cells slows down the replication process and cell growth.

He said the discovery was important as it provides a novel insight into proteins that have the potential to form cancer drug targets, according to a release from the University of Zambia.

According to him, halting the replication of cancer cells was crucial in preventing the growth and spread of concern.

Luke Mumba, the university’s Vice-Chancellor commended the researcher for showing commitment to the fight against cancer and receiving funding for his research.

He said cancer was a fatal condition that needs urgent attention to combat through Zambia.

Cancer has become a growing problem in Zambia, with stakeholders showing concerns over the increasing cases. Enditem


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