The Headmaster for Zamse Senior Technical Institute (ZAMSTECH), Francis Banbogo, has appealed to government to take urgent steps to re-tool the technical departments of all secondary-technical institutions in the Upper East Region.

According to him, the technical departments of these schools have become ineffective, with obsolete equipment used only as teaching aid hence affecting the quality of technical students churned out.

This was disclosed at the school’s 40th Anniversary held in Bolgatanga over the weekend.

“My major concern is about the technical departments of our Secondary Technical institutions in the Upper East Region,” he said.

“These departments have become lame departments because there are no working tools or equipment there. whatever is seen in these technical departments cannot be used for anything apart from using them as teaching aid, and I urge government to urgently take steps to re-tool the technical departments for the seven SECTECHS  in the region.”

Mr. Banbogo bemoaned the quality of practical technical education given to students, adding that, teachers are compelled to teach only theory instead of a mix with practical to make students competitive after completion.


Infrastructure challenges

Mr. Banbogo said first-year students of the school had to study under canopies of an uncompleted six unit classroom due to the inability of the contractor to complete the project.

He appealed to the contractor to expedite works in completing the project to give teachers and students a sigh of relief.

“So these students will for now have their studies under canopies waiting for the third years to exit, and then they will enter the same place. ”

Mr. Banbogo also appealed to government to relocate the school to a more spacious area to enable for expansion of school facilities since the current school land is insufficient for expansion of additional facilities.

He said the school’s management find it difficult to control outsiders who take advantage of the porous routes into the school and “It has been the management’s view that if possible, the school be relocated to a more spacious site to enhance better academic work.”

Inadequate staff

Mr. Banbogo also appealed to government to give financial clearance for the engagement of more teaching and non-teaching staff to replace depleted staff strength of the school.

“Our staff has been so much depleted by death and retirement, and we have had no opportunity to replace them. I will appeal to the Ministry of Education through the Ministry of Finance to give us financial clearance to allow us fill these vacancies for effective teaching and learning.”

By: Frederick Awuni/