Zipline and CorpsAfrica Partner to Boost Blood Supply in Ghana


Zipline, the global leader in instant logistics, has teamed up with CorpsAfrica, an NGO that recruits and trains educated African youth to work in rural communities, to address critical blood supply shortages in Ghana.

This partnership aims to increase blood donations through comprehensive initiatives, leveraging the strengths and reach of both organizations. The goal is to significantly enhance the availability of safe blood supplies in health facilities across the country.

Recent data reveals a troubling trend in Ghana, where voluntary blood donations have been low. In 2021, only 26% of the 173,938 units of donated blood came from the general public, and this figure slightly decreased to 25.3% in 2022.

Zipline has been actively working to address this issue as part of its corporate social responsibility efforts. In 2023, Zipline organized 41 blood drives across Ghana in collaboration with the National Blood Bank, collecting 2,780 units of blood. Their efforts in Rwanda have also led to a 55% reduction in maternal mortality, according to a study by The Wharton School.

“We are committed to addressing the critical blood supply needs in Ghana. Our partnership with CorpsAfrica will significantly amplify our efforts, enabling us to reach more communities and save more lives,” said Miki Sofer, Senior VP of Partnerships at Zipline.

The collaboration with CorpsAfrica aims to organize roughly 80 blood drives in 2024, more than doubling the number from 2023. This effort is expected to yield approximately 6,000 blood units.

“CorpsAfrica is thrilled to collaborate with Zipline on this vital initiative,” said Liz Fanning, Founder and CEO of CorpsAfrica. “Our volunteers across Ghana are eager to support these blood drives, enhancing sensitization campaigns and mobilizing community support.”

Community volunteers in Zipline’s operational areas in Ghana will be engaged to promote blood donation. Awareness campaigns will target church groups, schools, and local communities to encourage participation.

Beyond the blood drives, the partners will conduct awareness programs and provide training to healthcare professionals on effectively utilizing different blood components, such as Fresh Frozen Plasma, for specific medical situations.

“We encourage everyone within the region to look out for our announcements on upcoming blood drives. Together, we can make blood available to save lives,” said Sofer.

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