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Hemp hardwoods

Hemp hardwoods and bioplastics expand crop use beyond CBD

Most U.S. farmers are growing hemp for cannabidiol, but hemp-based hardwood and bioplastics businesses have sprouted up this fall, expanding the newly legal crop's...

Ghana’s Cocoa Processing Capacity To Be Expanded By 15,000 Tonnes

Ghana is one of the largest cocoa-growing countries in the world, second to Cote d'Ivoire. This country has traditionally exported almost its entire crop...
Blooming flowers on a piece of land covered by the crop rotation and fallow trials become a tourist attraction in east China’s Jiangsu province. (Photo from Nanjing Daily)

China tackles green agriculture through crop rotation and fallow system

The trials of crop rotation and fallow systems, introduced by Chinese authorities two years ago to relieve the burden on its limited arable land...
Cashew Farmers

69 year old adjudged overall best farmer in Amansie West

Sixty-nine (69) year old Isaac Ofosu-Otu has been adjudged the overall best farmer in the Amansie West District. For his prize, he took home a...

Music Seen As Aid To Physical Development Of Students

The special characteristics of music, when well harnessed in schools at all levels, could aid the social and physical development of students, Professor Joshua...

Ghana Puts In Measures To Double Cocoa Output

Ghana, the world's second largest cocoa producer, has put in place a number of interventions and best agronomic practices to help double output of...
Farmers harvesting cassava

Farmers Urged To Consult Experts Before Cultivating Cassava

Now cassava is no longer a food crop cultivated by peasant farmers only but also as an industrial, commercial raw material with a very...
Agriculture tractor plowing field

Russia makes provision of funds for crop production

Russia has allocated a special fund to encourage crop production in 18 regions across the country, the government said Wednesday. Some 2.57...

Bad weather, pests force Ghana to import light crop cocoa from Ivory Coast

This is in spite of huge investments made by government through the Cocoa Board (COCOBOD) into hi-tech agronomic practices in the sector. ...
Kora All-Africa Music Awards

Namibia to host Africa’s music awards

Of those nominated, eight Namibian artists are set to face stiff competition from the rest African artists in their respective categories. Those nominated from...
Sorghum crop

Farmers get new high-yielding sorghum crop variety

With a maturity period of between 90 and 110 days, the high-yielding new sorghum crop variety is said to be of the specification of...
Smallholder Farmers at a training session

50 Smallholder farmers schooled on agronomic practices

About 50 smallholder farmers at new Kokoankpe in Atebubu in the Brong Ahafo Region have received field training on good agronomic practices to help...