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Kofi Annan

Universities asked to address challenges of global peace

Mr Kofi Annan, the Chancellor of the University of Ghana, said universities could play powerful roles in attacking contemporary challenges of global peace and...
South African Currency

Investors Ditch South Africa’s Fiscal Assets

Africa's most industrialised economy is seen at risk of losing its investment-grade status because of persistently weak growth and large deficits. Many investors are...

Burundi faces sharp deficits following political crisis

"In 2015, the Burundi Revenue Authority was targeting to collect about 720 billion Burundi francs (461 million U.S. dollars), but the OBR did all...

Nutritional deficits hits parts of Europe and Asia

A man sells potatoes in the street outside the central market in Yerevan, Armenia. Photo: FAO/Johan Spanner 1 April 2014 ? The United Nations...