Bitter Truth On Marriage-The Virus Couple

The Cambridge Advanced Learner?s Dictionary defines VIRUS as a computer programme or part of a computer programme, which can make copies of itself and is intended to prevent the system from working normally. It is also a small organism which causes disease in humans, animals and plants.

There are couples that fit into this description in the family, the church and social groups. The virus couple is the couple that moves from one church to another, looking for where message from the pulpit will support their sinful lifestyle or exalt them above God.

The virus couple is the couple that always wants to dictate who leads the group they belong to, and who does not. In church, they even work against the vision of any Pastor/Priest that preaches and acts against their sinful lifestyle. In some churches, the virus couple influences the posting of Pastors/Priests to their favour.
Virus couples are everywhere. They are arrogant, self-serving and very carnal in their ways. They draw the attention of the congregation to themselves, rather than to God and his servants. They do not bother to attend church programmes outside Sundays or get involved in church assignments but they go about complaining??that the church is not being properly run.
The virus couple even lie to God about their income like Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5). They fund church programmes and projects with the motive of obtaining spiritual titles of Deacon, Pastor, Apostle, Deaconess, etc. When these titles are not eventually bestowed on them, they protest and do everything to destroy the entire Ministry after which they move to another church to pursue the same materialistic and self-serving objective. They are enemies of God.
Are you a husband or wife working with your spouse to destroy the work of God? Are you going about, looking for a church that will give you materialistic satisfaction rather than the undiluted true word of God? Are you getting fed up with the church you attend because there is emphasis on salvation in Christ, holiness and righteousness rather than prosperity, breakthrough and prophesies? You need repentance from worldliness mentality to God?s kingdom mentality. Do not wait for Ananias and Sapphira?s bitter experience.
When God instituted marriage, it was for the good of the church, society and mankind. His intention is that husband and wife will forge a positive force to be a blessing to the church, society and mankind. God is not happy with the couple that has become a virus, a pollutant, a problem.
…TO BE CONTINUED (Questions Are Welcome)
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