Nana Addo
Nana Addo

wpid-Nana-Addo.jpgOf all the characteristics of human beings that are bad, envy is the worst. It is the most unredeeming and wicked of the negative characteristics of human beings.

The aspirants contesting the NPP presidential slot are ganged up because their favorite has no chance in the event Nana/Bawumia succeed. The thought of Alan Kyeremateng not succeeding remains their nightmare, hence this stupid jealousy.

The scare of Bawumia ascending to the Presidency after Nana Addo is something they cannot countenance, so they only way out is to gang up in a bid to force the special congress with a view to usurp the status quo. All these are seethed in deep, deep envy of the person Bawumia. No matter their take alongside their convictions, Bawumia bring along the quality the NPP desire to capture power.

Just a critical observation about envy and one realize the guilt, hate and self-destruction it pose. Envy has at its root a gross and inordinate self-concept either on the side of gross inferiority or gross arrogance. A proper self-concept is vitally necessary to have a balanced and peaceful mind with contentment. However, when one has low self-esteem this self-concept breeds friction and trouble. For example, if someone comes along doing that which we believe we were the only ones qualified to do, our self-concept is threatened. This produces envy.

Or, if someone believes that he or she is the best at doing a particular thing and someone comes along doing it better, our self-confidence is threatened, producing envy.

Or, if someone sees another person with a gift or talent that gives that person honor, respect and wealth, which is what each of us as human beings may want in life, our self concept being threatened we develop a covetous desire for the ends that the talent brings, out of envy. And if we fail at that gift or talent, our self-concept is further threatened, turning envy into murder. And this is exactly the problem confronting the evil-minds within the NPP.

Envy is so troublesome because it causes the individual who posses it to literally grow to hate the person whom he or she envies. The end product of this hatred is the desire to murder the person that is envied. Envy makes its possessor a devil, for the possessor of envy becomes an active opponent, adversary or enemy of the person who is envied, generally without a just cause.

The envier can mask envy with a smile, a warm embrace or a kiss. The envier can pretend to be the best friend of the person who is envied, seeking to learn everything that he or she can about the person that is envied to use it to bring about the destruction of that person. This is the action of a demon or devil.

Envy is at the root of the wicked who are the opponents of Nana Addo ever since. So it is today. Envy is what keeps Black leaders from uniting and coming to a common table of brotherhood seeking that which is in the best interest of our people in our quest for true, freedom, justice and equality.

There have been calls for unity; various Leadership Conferences called. What is the reason for this? Why not we all come in one room to determine what is best for our people? No matter what is said as a reason, the root of that reason or excuse is the wicked characteristic of envy. Until and unless we can uproot the evil of envy, we will always be a prey in the hands of our enemies who continue to feed and create division among us by manipulating this wicked characteristic call envy.

Notwithstanding these bandits Nana/Bawumia will prevail. Envy is destructive because its central focus is on that which you do not have such as a person deemed desirable, monetary wealth or material possessions. It is natural to feel a twinge of jealousy upon learning of another?s good fortune because we wish the same for ourselves.

But envy is the brother of infatuation; both experiences denote a consuming obsession with that which is not real. Those who are envious believe that external elements, once acquired, will complete their happiness. This belief serves only to disappoint and perpetuate further destructive conduct. Happiness comes when we are at peace within ourselves. Contentment comes when we appreciate our blessings.

Those seeking to create problems think of this admonition. One of the deadliest poisons a person can consume in their lifetime is the poison of jealousy. Jealousy opens flood gate of self destruction.

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