The Catholic Diocese of Awka has denied that the All Progressives Congress (APC)governorship ?candidate in the?November 16?election in Anambra state, Senator Chris Ngige ever slapped or had any altercation with any of the Revered fathers in their fold or any reverend at all during the funeral ceremony of the mother of her Bishop, Paulinus Ezeokafor,

The event which took place at Nanka, Orumba North council area of the state and not in Agulu as the fabled report indicated was clearly a pack of lies apparently concocted in a beer parlour to attempt to discredit the towering political rating of the APC governorship flagbearer.

The chancellor of the Catholic Diocese, Rev, Dr. Chudi Akaenyi said at a press conference at the conference hall of the saint Patrick?s Catholic church in Awka yesterday that during the Burial of the Bishop?s mother at Nanka on October 24, a lot of people were there and people of Ngige?s stature were arranged at the V.I.P section at the reception in the Bishop?s compound.

He said that a Reverend father, Evaristus Ezekwonna was in charge of security and order and?was at the gate directing vehicles and or those allowed to go in.??When Ngige came with his retinue of aides and police security, he was told the chancellor?said that he would not go in with all of them but a few to which he agreed.

Long after Ngige had gone in, three policemen standing at the gate he explained became?unruly and rude insisting they would go in to their principal they escorted.??Ngige he said was called to come and identify if they were among his other aides and?security personal asked to stay behind.

?He came and said they were not with him and went back to the VIP section. What we heard?later was that Ngige slapped a Reverend father. There is no iota of truth in this whole thing and not even the rude policemen slapped our Reverend father,? he said.

He said that another supposed dignitary inside who the rude policemen escorted to the?funeral was later identified and he came and identified the officers as having come with him and when he was told what they did banging on the gate, insisting they must go inside the compound, he apologized profusely on their behalf.

The Dioceses an chancellor said they found the rumor was politically motivated and because?of that they found it expedient to address the media on the issue because they?didn?t want their diocese and the Catholic church to be dragged into the murky?waters of Anambra politics.

Ngige had in a media briefing earlier denied ever trading words or used offensive words on anybody whatsoever not to talk of a catholic priest.

As a knight?in the catholic church for over 10 years, Ngige said he recognized that knights?are soldiers of Christ ?just the same way?that reverend fathers and Bishops are representatives of Jesus Christ on earth.

He said he?did not touch, not to talk of slapping, a reverend father.??Whether you?are a Bishop or whatever, you are a priest and priests are personified Christ we?see.??You cannot?touch, not to talk of slapping a Reverend father. It is the hallucination of?those who imagined it. I am from a strong catholic family, my background, myschools, everything is catholic. I cannot even touch an Anglican, ?Methodist or Pentecostal?pastor. All of them are the same. They have the calling of God?, he said.

Ngige said private?investigations conducted by his intelligence unit showed that the All?Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) in the state planted the story, saying that as?it drowns it has now resorted to blackmail and mudslinging.??This is the?season of politics and that is why APGA planted the story in some dailies.

?As a?drowning party, They have resorted to blackmail and mudslinging. If it is a?joke, it is one joke taken too far and I am consulting with my legal team on?the next step to take?, he said


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