Christians charged to lead draft fight by example

Bishop advises Christians to Corruption fight
Bishop advises Christians to Corruption fight

The Right Reverend Michael A. Bossman, the Administrative Bishop of the Methodist Church Ghana, has said the numerous Ghanaian population, professing to belong to the Christian faith do not impact on the country’s rising corruption canker.

He wondered why that huge percentage failed to influence a positive change with the basic tenets of the faith.

Rt. Rev. Bossman, who was addressing an induction service held for Very Reverend Joseph Kojo Galley, as the Synod Secretary of the Effiduase Diocese of the Methodist Church, said the situation was not improving because professing Christians were themselves involved in the canker.

“If all persons in the Country who claim to be Christians are to live according to the norms and standards of the Bible, which detests corrupt practices and other attitudes, enjoining its adherents to live as the ‘salt’ and ‘light’ of the world, corruption and other social vices such as theft, drug abuse and others would diminish or even cease to exist in the country”, he added.

He also argued that if 50 per cent plus one vote of the electorates in the Country could decide who led the nation, then Christians who were over 70 per cent could do much more to stem the spiralling corruption in the Country, adding that “if all of us decided to uphold integrity in our individual lives, we could positively impact the lives of others to effect the needed change in attitudes”.

He called on Christians in leadership positions whether political, administrative or any other field to live and lead with integrity as well as the fear of God in order to manage well the resources entrusted into their care.

Right Reverend Robert Eshun, Bishop of the Effiduase Diocese, also stressed the need for citizens to use their individual talents to the benefit of the nation, while urging the youth to do away with drug abuse and commit their strength and energies to the development of the nation.

Very Reverend Galley, also the Superintendent Minister of the Effiduase Circuit of the church, called on Christians to step up their efforts in living a Christ-like lives and set good examples in the communities where they lived.

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