I do not know how I became a Nana Addo enthusiast. Get me all clear, I am not an NPP neither am I an NDC. I don?t belong to any of the political parties; mostly for their short-sightedness, shallow-thinking, greed and self-centeredness. Perhaps not until I see them become more of research and development oriented instead of building a $20m headquarters to be occupied by propagandists.

Again, I still do not understand why prior to the 2008 elections, NPP lacked a decent office in my constituency when its MP was a Minister of state. Interestingly, the situation today is even bleaker for not only NPP but all the political parties.

That notwithstanding I have always taken a stand. At the time of writing, my loyalty rest comfortably with Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo; as I am yet to find a man to beat Nana Addo to his ideas and tact and thereby win my vote.

For want of conviction, the closet I have ever come to the New Patriotic Party was when I joined TESCON-NPP in the latter part of my University years. Even then this affiliation was not enough for the NPP to have my vote as it is known to be the norm. I vote out of informed decision. Reason I voted skirt and blouse in 2008.

For Nana Addo, the closet I have ever come was in the latter part of 2011 when I covered his press conference for my media house as part of his visit to the western region. This was three years after I have become so fond of him.
All things being equal Nana Addo should have been serving his second term of office as president. But ?human machinations? and ?deliberately misguided? persons particularly within his own party will not let him. To the extent, some leading members of his campaign team become part of the problem. Yet Nana Addo continues to entrust them with key responsibility. Think of Dr Arthur Kennedy and Dr Konadu Appraku; two men who have played significant roles in Nana Addo?s successive defeats.

Yet again, think of Mr Allan Kyeremanten. A man so ambitious to become presidents yet cares so less to see Nana Addo win. His team finds motivation in vilifying Nana Addo instead of giving him his terms in order to pave way for their boss. Even when signs of his defeat were all clear, he still went ahead to contest Akuffo Addo; when he could have saved time, resources and unity. Then you ask how he expects to win when he is in a race with a man children mistake him for the president. If Mr Cash had put in all his cash to see Nana Addo win I am sure today would have been his without grudge.

For me even if Nana Addo loses the 2016 election which is practically imperceptible, nothing should stop him from pursuing his presidential ambition once more and keep those internal distracters and rivals in waiting another four years. Not even when the most thwarted old-age-propaganda becomes visible. If for nothing at all be president and resign the next day.

In 2008, the NPP elected weak parliamentary candidates and weak party executives at the expense of capable men. Youth wings such as TESCON were led by corrupt and greedy young people who were only interested in money than to work and see the party win. They were even elected through fraudulent means because they thought it was the ?cocoa-season?. Parliamentary candidates were sceptical and campaigned on illusion and mediocrity. Money never got the people who needed it most to work. There was much complacency and late start of electoral campaigns. In my constituency the only publicity I saw was a miserable wooden board bearing the picture of the parliamentary candidate. I lent she was even howled out of some communities.

In 2012, NPP continued to mount weak parliamentary candidates and had weak officers presiding over the elections. When young, energetic, open-minded graduates could have been engaged to serve as party agents at no cost
But in all, what these folks are refusing to see is that by being obstacles be it deliberate or not to delay Nana Addo they are only delaying the NPP and any other ambition.

If the all factions had work tirelessly to see Akuffo win he would have given way to a new flagbearer of the NPP for the 2016 elections. By this a new ambition would have been born, and a new NPP would have re-emerged. Another elephant brother would have progressed.

Now I am told that today, everywhere is Nana. And it is as if Nana Addo is the only thing that happened in Ghana over the weekend. Congratulation Nana Addo, your victory was promised. I am also told many words are used to describe Nana?s victory. That is goodness.

But see it is also all clear you must also work out your own miracle. You must go all out yourself if you are to win. Your must release all your senses to perceive the most discerning people to work with. You must look for the non-partisan youth to engage in winning first time and floating voters for you.

Today the NPP has done well by voting Nana Addo. But that is not enough. You must not delay him any longer; else you delay your party. Can?t you see how the NDC does it?

To his internal opponent particularly Mr. Allan so-called cash, it is not enough to concede defeat. Go all out to see the short man win. Know that by delaying Nana Addo you only delay your presidential ambitious and sooner, age will catch up with you and this will be used against you in like manner. Late they say is better than never.
To quote one political scientist, ?this is the most vulnerable moment for the NDC; if the NDC manages to win [2016 elections] then you may as well dissolve NPP?. May Nana Addo win come 2016, even if I am yet to trace the reason for my total devotion to his course; after all some attractions are merely natural or simply coincidental.

Source: Bernard Kwofie

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