Ghanaian Celebrities Are A Disgrace To Us

Red Carpet and Reception
Red Carpet and Reception

wpid-azontovgma.jpgI watched with dismay the just ended Ghana Music Award and I can only conclude it one one sentence; it exposed people who are really indecent.


As much as I know, the program was organised to honour people who have made real impact on society through their music and not to create a platform for people to show their nudity, indecency, foolishness and stupidity to all and sundry.


It is, however, disgraceful on the part of celebrities to use this opportunity to expose their body parts to people all in the name of fashion.As much as I know, celebrities are people who have made real impact on society and so are seen by people as role-models.


The same cannot be said of celebrities today.As we can all bear witness to, a celebrity in a contemporary understanding is someone who can behave and dress madly and indecently in the name of fashion.Why do blacks always want to copy the whites blindly?

Source: Afele

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