Ghana’s 100th Goal


As a power house in African football, Ghana indeed deserved such a superb goal. Emmanuel Agyemang Badu’s stunning strike against Guinea in the final group stage game of the 2012 AFCON co-hosted by Gabon and Eq. Guinea couldn’t be any more befitting, giving the nation’s desire for football. Yes, they didn’t win that game but it took such high technique, balance, precision and quality to make that fantastic strike a clean goal. A goal that lit up the whole country and it will certainly be talked about for many generations to come.

Ghana is not yet 100 years old since attaining independence in 1957, however, Dr. Nkrumah’s vision of using football as a tool for unification, coupled with the happiness Agyemang Badu’s goal brought to the country, should set the blue print for the nation’s future.

In other words, how will Ghana look like at the age of 100? A civil war as a result of some selfish and aggrandizing political cabals today? Or An Agyemang Badu-like sort of genuine happiness where our future generation will enjoy a good and sustainable economy, political peace and stability etc.

The answer lies in our hands today. The realist argument is true that quantifying issues into figures make it more imperative to solve, however, the wise is the one that considers future issues, which may seem abstract today, very important.

Let us join forces to form a very formidable, sustainable and robust economic future for mother Ghana by putting selfless people in charge of affairs today.

This is Ghana’s 100th Goal.
Long live Mother Ghana!!
We are the Black Stars of Ghana!!!

Ernest Yarfi

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